6 Important Things Every Student Should Know About Holding a Credit Card

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(Newswire.net — January 5, 2018) — Just because you don’t hold a job, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a credit card. No, you better open an account to manage your finances and by the time you have landed a job, you would have learned the ropes.

However, you need to take caution, and following we are giving you a few tips:

Don’t let it Control You

If you are not confident, avoid signing a credit card. Read terms and conditions carefully. Don’t sign up for a credit card just because it offers a gift.  See the interest rate, and fee offered. Compare it with other offers, and see if you get a better deal somewhere else.

Take your time, be patient, and decide with a relaxed mind. You don’t need to rush anything, especially if it involves banking.

One Credit Card is good

You don’t need to pile up different credit cards in your wallet. It doesn’t show you are smart. Instead, you look stupid. We understand if you are attracted to apply for a few credit cards, but you should keep the credit card number to a minimum.

If you don’t hold a job, just one credit card will do well.  More credit cards pose the higher risk of getting into debt. You drop your credit score every time you apply for a new credit card.

Charge What You Can Afford

You must have assumed that credit cards help you purchase things you can’t afford at the moment. This is the stupidest mistake, and you will regret it for a long time. Yes using a credit card to buy things you can’t afford is a quick way to massive debt.

So, you need to curb your temptations to make some exotic purchases. Minimum payments to easily pay off your balance won’t make things any better. You may have to pay 5 times more than the actual worth of your purchase.

Make Payments Every Month

Even if you got yourself in trouble, you could get on the good side of Small Business Credit Cards if you develop a good habit of paying back the balance whenever you get a bill.  Try to avoid carrying a debt at first, but if you somehow got yourself in such situation, make it a priority to get out of it.

Stay within Your Limit

We don’t mean to tease you, but seriously when it comes to credit, you need to stay under the limit. Going over the limit will cost you dearly, and you will keep paying for a long time. Going over your credit limit drastically damages your credit score, and it will take ages to repair the damage.

Close the Card

We are not suggesting you cord your card right now, but you shouldn’t be afraid to do if you have to. Closing a credit card is not the ideal thing, but if you got a new card with better terms, and lower interest, then you should close the credit card account for good. You won’t regret it in the long run.