Bike Riding May Be Beneficial for Osteoarthritis in the Knee

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( — January 16, 2018) Orlando, FL — Osteoarthritis can be painful and debilitating. This is why many sufferers succumb to immobility due to the condition. While engaging in physical activities may be a struggle, it appears that there may be low-impact exercises beneficial for sufferers.

Bike riding may be beneficial for osteoarthritis in the knee. This condition does not just affect the knee, but also other joints such as the hip. This degenerative form of arthritis could be due to the wear and tear of the joint cartilage in the knee.

Osteoarthritis is common in the aging population due to the years of walking and engaging in physical activities. It is also prevalent among athletes who are typically prone to injury.

Individuals with osteoarthritis may turn to outdoor bicycle riding. There are several benefits of engaging in this activity, and one is that it allows sufferers to simply be outdoors and enjoy the scenery.

It is worth mentioning that there are those who succumb to depression and stay away from social settings due to pain and immobility. Being outdoors and moderately staying physically active may help sufferers reduce their risk of depression.

However, it may be best to avoid mountain biking as the lumps and bumps that go with this activity may put stress on the knees. Those who are still unable to go outdoors may choose stationary bicycle riding, which is considered to be less abusive on the knees.

There are even recumbent bicycles that allow arthritis sufferers to cycle in a sitting position. This type of bicycle may be an excellent option for individuals with lower back pain. This is due to the fact that the recumbent position may help to decrease the strain in the joints.

According to Mike Cushionbury, “Bicycling” magazine editor, in a interview, cycling is considered to be low impact on the knees. However, sufferers should avoid bike fit mistakes as improperly fitted bicycles could place a lot of strain on the knee joint.

There are protective measures sufferers can take such as setting the bike seat at a particular height where they can straighten their leg on the downstroke of the pedal.

It may also be helpful to turn to the use of joint health-enhancing supplements, such as glucosamine. This natural alternative has long been believed to be helpful in improving joint health and repairing joint cartilage damage.

Glucosamine is even thought to be a safer alternative to certain pain relievers, which many individuals with arthritis are using. Certain types of pain relievers may potentially cause some adverse effects.


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