Divine Bounty Offers a Highly Potent Source of Bromelain Enzyme

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(Newswire.net — January 17, 2018) Orlando, FL — Divine Bounty undeniably continues to gain increasing trust from consumers. It has recently introduced its amazing digestive enzymes formula, which is loaded with various proteins.

Divine Bounty offers a highly potent source of bromelain enzyme. This protein-digesting enzyme is believed to work in breaking down various protein types not just in acid, but also alkaline environments. 

According to experts, this enzyme simply breaks down protein. This can be extremely beneficial since many foods available today contain high amounts of protein. Since they are typically thoroughly cooked, the naturally-occurring enzymes they contain are often destroyed. 

It plays a significant role in the digestive process inside the body. According to research, this enzyme has an impressive potential to reduce swelling. 

Bromelain is even considered to halt bruising and speed up healing time. It may even aid in reducing the discomfort that individuals typically feel after a surgical procedure.

A double-blind study involving 150 women was conducted by researchers. In this study, the subjects had surgical cuts during childbirth, and they were given a large dose of oral bromelain for 3 days. 

It was found that the subjects experienced a significant reduction in discomfort as well as swelling. The researchers even discovered that 90% of the subjects achieved excellent recovery after taking bromelain.

There are many other possible benefits linked with the use of bromelain. This is why Divine Bounty ensures that it provides a highly potent and pure formula containing bromelain.

Individuals with sinus discomfort may also want to consider the use of this digestive enzyme. In some research studies, it was found that this natural alternative may decrease swelling and discomfort.

Divine Bounty’s digestive enzymes is an extra-strength formula that is thought to be extremely helpful to those with digestion problems. It has broad spectrum of enzymes, which includes optimal levels of highly active units for bromelain, papain (papaya), invertase, lactase, lipase, glucoamylase, as well as multiple strains of amylase and protease and probiotics in our pre- and probiotic blend.

Individuals seeking to improve the efficiency of their body’s digestive process may potentially benefit from the use of this formula. Every capsule may help to nourish the body with natural enzymes, which may optimize the digestion of oils, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and dairy.

This significantly helps the body obtain more energy. Consumers can take this supplement with confidence as it is proudly made in an FDA-approved facility. It is also protected with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, which makes it even more superior over other brands.


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