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( — January 11, 2018) Tucker, Georgia — Friendship Sports Association and noted ultra-distance runner, Stan Cottrell, announce March 15 as the new start date for the “Honoring America Run.” The historic 2,996-mile run will be celebrating America’s exceptionalism as it honors the 2,996 victims of 911, First Responders, our nation’s Armed Forces and Veterans. The run will also be raising funds for Veterans in need and their children.

The San Diego launch of the 100-day run will follow celebratory events in Kentucky where Cottrell’s running career began as a youth. He will run from Treasure Vault’s archeological site in Cave City, KY to Bowling Green. All events will proceed as originally planned, yet with even heightened inspiration following the unexpected Christmas time event that caused the short postponement from the original January 31 start date.

On December 13, on the way to the airport for a Chicago speaking engagement, Cottrell suddenly bowled over with a heart attack. Miraculously, there is no permanent damage to the heart muscles, and his rehabilitation progress has been described as amazing. There is full confidence he will be running strong on the new start date. His long-time cardiologist summed it up: “You’re just from a parallel universe. You defy logic!”.

This public announcement was held up for three weeks out of respect for the Cottrell family, also allowing time for medical assessments to know realistic expectations. Prior to the event, Cottrell was doing a lot of heavy lifting and serious conditioning, all contributing to the strong heart that has amazed his doctors. Apparently a microscopic capillary breakage set the stage for platelets to form and commence blockage in the “widow maker” artery, with plaque building up in it over time… not heart disease or other cardiovascular issues. With the blockage removed and stints in place, Cottrell, his doctors and therapists are confident he will be up to the task ahead.

The emerging evidence suggests this will only strengthen the Run’s messages of hope and vitality for people all across America — especially the Baby Boomers, those at or near retirement, the disabled, and those who for too long felt forgotten. All are invited to run or walk for short or long during any segment of this nationwide celebratory event and to reflect on Cottrell’s inspirational message: Their own best race, like his, may not yet have been run.

A powerful motivational speaker, author of “No Mountain Too High” and recipient of over twenty U.S. Presidential, Congressional and other legislative citations and commemorations, 74-year-old Cottrell eagerly demonstrates new horizons can yet be before people at any stage. For someone who has run over 250,000 miles through 40 countries in his career, the energetic Cottrell makes a powerful statement his best race is yet before him, and he will be ready by the new March launch date.

Exuberant about “Standing for America” as he launches this, his third run across the U.S.A., Cottrell says: “I learned a long time ago living a successful life means to discover what you do well and do more of it. I am thankful I live in a country which provides me the opportunity to be really free, to choose my path. This nationwide initiative provides a non-threatening platform to encourage people to pursue and live their dreams, their own unique dreams.”

The Run’s Strategic Partner, soon-to-be launched Treasure Vault TV, provides another exciting platform to share the diversity, inspiration and fun of people and events along the 100-day run, together with Cottrell’s unique wit, humor, humility and encouragements. The channel’s founder, Tucker Jones (“Kentuckyana Jones”), enthusiastically announces: 

“The Treasure Vault TV family is excited about our alliance with an American treasure, ultra-distance runner and Friendship Ambassador, Stan Cottrell, and where we are going across the entertainment globe together. Yes, we were at first shocked and pierced in our hearts upon hearing of his heart attack. We paused for a moment, but are now once again confident and exuberant witnessing Stan’s remarkable recovery process.”

“Now we invite everyone to join us on the journey not only of Treasure Vault TV’s launch, but also with the Honoring America Run. It highlights the indomitable spirit of America’s heroes and of the tremendous recovery, now in process, of a cherished member of the Treasure Vault TV family, Stan Cottrell.”

Look for upcoming announcements of how to follow the 24-hour programming of the Run, events across America as they unfold, and uplifting issues for Americans in the know and on the go with Stan Cottrell’s features on the Treasure Vault TV channel. Jones will be posting more information on, and blog posts will make announcements on

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