Some Preventive Measures Effective in Reducing UTI Risk

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( — January 22, 2018) Orlando, FL — UTIs can be a painful and costly condition. While there are medications available, it is always best to take the steps necessary to ward off the infection.

Some preventive measures are found effective for reducing UTI risk. The urinary tract actually has some built-in protection against bacteria, infections and microorganisms. However, these threats can still manage to get it and trigger infections.

It is important to understand that urinary tract infections are not to be overlooked. They are a serious health problem that affects millions of people every year. According to some experts, the respiratory tract infections are only the ones that occur more often.

The urinary tract includes every organ that gathers and stores urine, which is then transported out of the body. The kidneys, on the other hand, collect waste as well as extra water from the blood for producing urine. 

The narrow tubes called ureters take care of transporting urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Urine is stored in the bladder and is squeezed out when full. Another tube called urethra carries the urine out of the system. 

It is worth mentioning that most UTIs are not linked to sex. In most cases, it is caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria, which often live in the colon. Normally, the body can eliminate bacteria and this doesn’t cause symptoms. 

However, some people appear to be more susceptible to developing UTIs, especially women and older individuals. There are also other microorganisms that can cause UTIs, such as chlamydia and mycoplasma. 

It could be extremely helpful to make some changes in one’s daily habits to avoid UTIs. These are actually very simple steps that could have a major impact in warding off the infection.

According to the Medical Society of the State of New York, it is best to encourage health habits in preventing or reducing the risk of injury or illness. It would also be extremely helpful to consume plenty of water in eliminating bacteria from the system.

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