DIM’s Potential Effects on Estrogen May Promote Strong Muscles

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(Newswire.net — January 25, 2018) Orlando, FL — Diindolylmethane is widely popularized by its potential effects on estrogen metabolism. It is used by women seeking hormonal balance, but it may also offer benefits to men.

DIM’s potential effects on estrogen may help promote strong muscles. This natural alternative is widely taken today through supplementation. It is believed to aid in controlling viral infections. Further, it is also thought to support immune function as well as decrease certain forms of inflammation. 

According to some experts, DIM helps in naturally promoting better metabolism. It may work with the hormones and make the necessary adjustments in its action to avoid hormonal imbalance. 

It potentially supports a more efficient fat metabolism as well as aids in freeing testosterone from its carrier proteins. When this happens, these metabolites promote the development of stronger and more metabolically-active muscles. 

It is worth mentioning that free or non-protein-bound testosterone as well as 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites offer a hormonal signal for muscles to grow. This is done by adding extra structural protein vital for size, movement and strength.

Anabolism is a term used in referring to a metabolic state that is favorable to muscle growth. It has been found that individuals with stronger muscles possess a greater capacity to burn fat as well as maintain a youthful, lean body composition. 

This natural alternative is also thought to promote 2-hydroxy metabolites, which are the only hormone metabolites known to enhance the levels of the free form of testosterone. Higher 2-hydroxy levels offer the best balance for testosterone response in women and men. 

Further, DIM is also thought to aid in converting estrogen to good estrogen metabolite and protecting stressed muscle cells. It also potentially promotes more efficient repair and growth. 

While there is a wide array of DIM supplements available in the market, it can’t be denied that there are only a few that may deliver what many consumers are looking for in a product. 

Purest Vantage’s DIM is one of the few formulas that has been widely believed to be extremely helpful in offering the goodness of the natural alternative. It is extremely popular for several reasons, and one is its high potency.

It is packed with the unique properties of DIM, which is thought to make it superior over other brands. Further, it is pure and free from unwanted ingredients such as binders, GMOs, fillers, preservatives and additives. All of these ingredients are commonly used in supplements.

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