Fish Oil Supplements Could Be Potentially Helpful to COPD Sufferers

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( — January 26, 2018) Orlando, FL — Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of the conditions that may impact the lungs. While there are pharmaceutical drugs and other treatment options available, there are also alternatives available for individuals who prefer to utilize natural ingredients.

Fish oil supplements could be potentially helpful to COPD sufferers. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats vital for brain and body functions. Omega-3s are a popular natural alternative for cardiovascular conditions. 

“Omega-3s can be obtained from eating fish such as cod, tuna, sardines and halibut,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

Those who suffer from emphysema and chronic bronchitis may also benefit from fish oil supplementation. While omega-3s may be highly recommended, there are many people in the United States who do not include them in their daily diet.

It is believed that omega-3s are helpful in fighting conditions such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

A Japan-based 2-year research study reveals that food with abundant levels of omega-3s may potentially be a useful part in the treatment plan for COPD. These food items include walnuts, salmon, herring, flax seed oil and others that contain high levels of omega-3s.

The findings of the study are medically promising considering that the condition is ranked as the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. Unfortunately, the number of people who are suffering from the condition is expected to increase in the future.

A study conducted by Wataru Matsuyama, MD, PhD, involved 64 COPD sufferers. Dr. Matsuyama is from the Respiratory Medicine Division of Japan’s Kagoshima University Hospital. The participants did not smoke and did not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The participants who took omega-3 fats experienced a reduction in lung inflammation and performed better in a six-minute walking test. It is believed that omega-3s may potentially be an important part of COPD treatment.

Fish oil supplements are extremely popular nowadays. There are many people who use this particular natural alternative to help increase their immunity against a range of ailments. There is an added potential benefit in using fish oil supplements versus consuming fish for the purpose of getting omega-3s. 

There are many fish types that are believed to contain high amounts of environmental pollutants such as lead and mercury. The good news is that there are manufacturers of herbal supplements that use a molecular distillation process.

This distillation process works by significantly reducing the amounts of environmental pollutants from fish oil. Consumers should take time in choosing the right product to get the best benefits of fish oil without being exposed to toxins.


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