D-Mannose Is a Potential Alternative for Sufferers of UTIs

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(Newswire.net — February 1, 2018) Orlando, FL — Antibiotics are undeniably helpful in cases of UTIs. However, it is also true that their use may be discouraged due to the side effects they may cause. The good news is that there are certain safer alternatives believed to be helpful against the infection.

D-Mannose is considered to be a potential alternative for sufferers of UTIs. Women have been found to be more susceptible to this type of infection, but it also occurs in men. According to research, 60% of women will suffer from the infection at some point in their lifetime.

Antibiotics kill the UTI-causing E. coli bacteria. However, this type of medication also kills the good bacteria, which may lead to some undesirable health effects. What makes the use of antibiotics even more detrimental is the antibiotic resistance they may cause.

Even with the use of antibiotics, UTIs can still reoccur. Unfortunately, the long-term use of antibiotics may lead to antibiotic resistance, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous public health issues today. 

UTIs have also been found to be a major contributor to the high rate of antibiotic resistance from around the world. This is why some experts suggest that individuals with UTIs take the measures necessary to ensure that they are able to get rid of UTIs without being exposed to possible side effects.

Cranberry has long been thought to help reduce the risk of or reduce the symptoms of UTIs. Cranberry juice is a beverage that contains D-Mannose, which is a type of sugar believed to be responsible for the beverage’s health-based effects.

According to the research published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consumption of an eight-ounce glass of cranberry juice daily may reduce symptomatic UTIs for sufferers, or chronic UTIs by 40%.

It is further worth mentioning that according to research, half of the individuals who use antibiotics are no longer responsive to the medication. D-Mannose may be an excellent alternative to consider, especially since it works naturally to potentially eliminate bad bacteria.

It is believed to bind with bad bacteria before eliminating them from the body. This natural alternative also does not harm the good bacteria.

Purest Vantage’s D-Mannose may be an excellent choice for individuals seeking to reduce the symptoms or risk of UTIs. This amazing formula is loaded with the goodness of D-Mannose, and is even backed with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

This supplement is highly potent and pure, and is manufactured without the involvement of dangerous processes or unwanted ingredients.



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