Prevention Is the Best Strategy Against Urinary Tract Infections

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( — February 2, 2018) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections are highly prevalent nowadays. This type of infection has even been held responsible for the alarming rate of antibiotics resistance, which is linked with the use of antibiotics.

Prevention is the best strategy against urinary tract infections. Unfortunately, UTIs become more problematic in sufferers as they age. They are easy to acquire, hard to diagnose and can be challenging to cure. What makes them even more threatening is that they become more dangerous if not properly addressed.

Dr. Lindsey Kerr, Director of the Pelvic Care and Continence Program at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, states that women who are before or under the menopausal stage are advised to learn more about the risk factors of UTIs.

It is similarly important to know about the subtle symptoms and some preventive strategies. There are classic symptoms of this infection such as an urgency and frequency to urinate as well as painful urination. There are also those who suffer from unpleasant odor or persistent, low-grade fever.

Antibiotics are the medications used for UTIs. These pharmaceutical drugs work by fighting the UTI-causing E. coli bacteria, but unfortunately, they may also harm the good bacteria. What makes the use of this type of medication even more disadvantageous is that it may contribute to the alarming rate of antibiotic resistance worldwide. It is further worth mentioning that antibiotics do not have the ability to stop UTIs for good.  

The growing rate of antibiotic resistance causes an alarm for many experts. This problem has been believed to be due to the widespread use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections.

Some experts suggest that preventive measures may be the best way to reduce the risk of UTIs. One is to empty the colon every day, as non-evacuated stool can cause bulging of the colon. It also prevents emptying of the bladder effectively.

Small amounts of leaking stool can directly cause urinary tract infections. It is similarly important to consume plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks. This flushes the kidneys and bladder as well as prevents constipation.

It may also be helpful to use D-mannose, which is a type of sugar found in cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has long been thought to be helpful against UTIs. There are also other sources of this potentially therapeutic ingredients, such as Purest Vantage’s D-Mannose formula.

This supplement is carefully-crafted to deliver the attributes of D-Mannose. It is made in an FDA-approved facility in the United States without the use of unwanted ingredients. These include GMOs, binders, fillers, additives and preservatives.

D-Mannose has long been thought to be a safer alternative to certain antibiotics. It only harms the bad bacteria and does not affect the good bacteria.



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