San Diego Business Consulting Agency Launches New Online Marketing Services

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( — January 26, 2018) — San Diego business consulting agency J. Bergman Consulting opened a new local marketing department. Local businesses can contact the agency for professional SEO, online branding, press relations and video marketing solutions designed to help them improve their local visibility and connect with more potential clients.

J. Bergman Consulting, a professional business consulting agency based in San Diego, announced the opening of a new department offering local SEO, media relations and online branding services. Clients benefit from working with professional brand journalists and more than 300 high-authority media agencies to create effective SEO media campaigns promoting their clients and services to a wide audience and ensuring optimal local market visibility.

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Having a professional and reputable digital profile has become essential for modern companies, as more and more consumers turn to the internet to find information on businesses, products and services. Digital marketing has thus become one of the fastest-growing digital industries, with studies estimating that total SEO investment alone will reach $80 billion by 2020.

J. Bergman Consulting has announced the opening of a new local digital marketing department to help businesses in San Diego and the surrounding areas improve their digital presence and connect with more potential clients.

The company works with professional brand journalists and partners with more than 300 high-authority media websites to offer professional media campaigns promoting its clients’ products and services. Since each article is optimized for high SEO performance, a single campaign results in more than 300 high-quality backlinks and yields important benefits in terms of local Google visibility.

Complete video marketing services are also available, the company helping local businesses implement effective online branding campaigns using professional videos.

J. Bergman Consulting has been providing complete business consulting services for more than twenty years, helping thousands of clients grow their businesses using sustainable marketing and business management strategies.

A satisfied client said: “J. Bergman Consulting was an integral part of our company success over the last six years. They were able to help us set goals, define our business plans, fully engage our employees with our plan and help us make our leap to the next level. They were concise, detailed and made sure we were all clear as to where we were going. I would highly recommend their services.”

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