Marketing Experts Can Revive Dead Facebook Business Pages

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( — January 28, 2018) — Dead Facebook business pages are very common and are cured by creating engagement through existing dead likes. The likes are revived and nurtured to create a soft selling environment everyone enjoys. The page and the business are revisited more often and the activity creates new customers.

Contrary to the hype, Facebook’s recent decline in organic reach proves to be one of the best moves for local businesses. Embracing FB’s decline allows local businesses to stimulate and create a hungry tribe of followers very easily.

A nationally recognized marketing firm Local Marketing Resource (LMR) specializing in online marketing for local businesses is helping local business owners cash in on the decline of Facebook’s organic post reach.

Leveraging existing assets on a FB business page and employing the missing link(s) greatly stimulates the organic fans which increases local engagement and increases traffic on the page and in store.

Simple rudimentary methods make up the missing link(s) and are notoriously neglected by 59 million business page owners, according to FB’s own stats.

Forbes published a unique article explaining Facebook’s action is to lessen business and media content and replace it with more people content from the individual users like friends and family. This is perfect for local businesses who need more local engagement.

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The solution business owners are enjoying is LMR’s proven FB Makeover and 7 Day Free Marketing strategy. It works seamlessly with Facebook’s recent timeline change.

Looking back, most local businesses were advised to get a FB page because it’ll help build the business an online community. This concept is most definitely true when correctly employed.

Local Marketing Resource specializes in FB organic reach and has easily proven organic post engagement within 7 days without cost, risk or commitment to a business owner. The results are quickly realized which adds many benefits to the owner’s business page and overall online presence within the community.

All local business’ online presence consists of a “virtual doorway” open 24/7/365. The virtual doorway never closes unlike a physical storefront doorway at night.

When someone walks into the physical business, they’re greeted and asked how they may be helped. In respect to the virtual doorway, when someone likes, comments, shares, rates, reviews, checks in, etc., they are essentially knocking on the business’ door.

People are wanting to engage in conversation online and it’s vital that your reply is as genuine as if they were standing in the business.

It helps create a strong social presence and gets potential clients to know, like and trust the business prior to spending money. Potential clients need to see how the business treats their customers. Engagement = great service.

Getting likes, comments and shares on the posts on social media is required to sell anything online. Being mentioned in a post, rated reviews and having check-ins on a daily basis is necessary.

Gaining new customers will happen as the existing ones happily spread an “online word of mouth” recommendation for all their friends to see. Without any of these actions happening, engagement can’t exist and the page becomes dead and embarrassing overall.

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After all the time, effort and expense incurred in making a beautiful website, social media page that blinks bright like neon signs might as well be in the basement. It seems everything suggested to make FB bring good results has been tried but one just can’t get it to perform.

The results can be quite shocking and depressing after making posts, sharing, liking, etc. Don’t feel bad as this is a very common problem in FB land.

Fact is, 92% of people trust friends and family more than advertising and 81% of consumers are influenced by their friend’s social media posts. Word of mouth is very important and it allows decisions to be made based on the previous experiences of other customers.

Watch this short video and see how Joe easily solved his FB problems.

To make it worse, many people have paid too much money to have the FB page managed still resulting in little to no engagement. They simply don’t know the missing link required or the actions needed to make a hungry tribe of followers.

Facebook’s ad campaigns are no guaranty engagement will occur. A business needs the missing link(s) to make the business grow with social media, and there are 2 actions that must be done properly to create “Social Selling”.

Facebook is social and these 2 actions required provide the missing link(s). (1) Action and (2) Interaction = engagement. Sounds simple and it is overall.

These actions must encite the followers, after the which the page owner is obliged to respond to every action received from every follower. No response from the page owner means ignoring a valuable potential or existing client just as if they walked into the physical business.

Take a negative review, for example. When a customer leaves a negative review online and there is no response from the owner, people believe what others say about the business online to be true. The business is deemed automatically guilty as charged.

Negative reviews severely damage the bloodline of a business. Engagement is vital to a positive online reputation in 2018 and beyond. A Social Selling environment drives existing clients back into the business, making them buy more and more often.,

It builds a strong foundational position as the “go to business” in the community because it builds relationships through likes, shares, comments, check-ins, mentions and ratings. A 5 star review nurtures the existing clients and gains new clients too.

Many businesses are enjoying the free FB Makeover and 7 Day Marketing Services Trial. This service solves FB’s decline in organic reach while achieving awesome yet quick results.

The company does this without any risk, cost or commitment to a business owner because the system produces undeniable results which have never been experienced by the page owner.

Check out the video above. No Cost, No Commitment, No Risk. LMR Geekology customers love what it does, making it simple to justify an investment if a package is chosen.

If the missing links are worth investigating, consider connecting with LMR. The company stated it truly does everything you’ve always wanted and tried to do plus answers the inevitable organic reach problem.

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