Evidence Suggests Ashwagandha Has Anti-Arthritic Activities

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(Newswire.net — February 7, 2018) Winnetka, IL — Ashwagandha has been known for many of its healing effects. It has been found to improve overall health and fight diseases. Those who suffer from conditions like arthritis may take into account the use of this natural, safe alternative.

Recent evidence suggests ashwagandha may have anti-arthritis activities. In Ayurvedic medicine, this adaptogenic herb has been utilized for a myriad of medicinal purposes. Today, it is a subject of many modern research studies; conducted by researchers who are trying to explore natural cures for certain conditions.

There are more than 50 million individuals in the United States who suffer from arthritis. The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Many of these people turn to the use of medications, such as disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (DMARDs).

These medications have been found by many arthritis sufferers to be helpful. They can temporarily ease pain and even improve the mobility of sufferers. However, it is worth mentioning that these pharmaceutical drugs could cause side effects.

It is further worth mentioning that certain adverse effects could even be more serious than arthritis, such as the risk of heart attack. It would be wise to take into account the use of safer alternatives, like ashwagandha, which also has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

According to research, ashwagandha has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In animal studies, it was found that ashwagandha was more potent than a certain pharmaceutical drug. It was also more effective than steroids in decreasing swelling, as well as degenerative bones.

In a clinical trial, the researchers administered 3 grams of ashwagandha in 77 individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. The ashwagandha treatment was taken three times a day with milk. It was found that more than 75 percent experienced moderate to good symptom improvements.

The researchers further found that when ashwagandha was combined with turmeric, frankincense and a zinc complex, it significantly decreased pain, as well as disability of individuals with osteoarthritis. This improvement was compared to the untreated control group in the same randomized clinical trial.

More studies are still underway to validate the therapeutic effects of ashwagandha in arthritis. However today, more and more people are actually turning to the use of ashwagandha supplements for preventive health purposes. It is worth mentioning that this herb has strong inflammation-fighting activities.

Chronic inflammation has been linked with the development of various diseases, including arthritis. This herb could offer great help in fighting chronic inflammation.

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