10 Essential Items for Everyday Carry

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(Newswire.net — February 1, 2018) — Everyday carry, or EDC,  refers to items that can easily be carried around on a daily basis, but can also double as survival gear in an emergency or disaster. EDC differs from a bug out bag in that a bug out bag is a kit that you should have ready to grab if you need to evacuate, and everyday carry refers to items that you carry on your person everyday. These items should be small and lightweight, as they aren’t meant to a burden, but a handy set of tools in a pinch. For this same reason, they should also have multiple uses, so that you can make use of them on the regular, not just collecting dust in your pocket or handbag. Your EDC items should be tailored to fit your lifestyle; you may find yourself updating the items every season, or with a new job, or when on vacation, but there are several items that are useful across the board, no matter the situation.

  1. Cellphone – yes, this seems obvious as most people don’t leave home without their keys, wallet, and cellphone, but a cellphone can be a tool and a resource in an emergency to call 911, navigate by maps or compass, turn on the flashlight, and more.
  2. Watch – Purchasing a waterproof, analog watch is an investment that can last a lifetime. Did you know analog watches can also be used as compasses? Marathon makes military grade watches known for their quality and durability. 
  3. Memory card – Keep important documents, as well as field guide or first aid manuals for reference, on your memory card.
  4. Solar charger – If you’re going to be stuck outside or without electricity for a while, having the ability to charge your phone will help give you a feeling of control in the situation, as well as keep you connected to loved ones.
  5. Flashlight – Useful when the sun sets to make your way around, and also as an emergency signal. 
  6. Lighter – You never know when you may need to start a fire. Carry a lighter or waterproof matches at all times. 
  7. Multi-tool – Depending on your needs, there are a great variety of multi-tools that will suit you. Just make sure it is able to cut. A survival standby is the Swiss army knife, such as this one by Victorinox which has 12 different functions. 
  8. Paracord bracelet – Paracord is light, yet incredibly durable, and useful in so many ways in so many situations. A must.
  9. Rite in the Rain notebook and pen – Paper is pretty useless when wet, but the weatherproof paper of a Rite in the Rain notebook won’t be affected. You can use a #2 pencil or all-weather pen when the paper is wet, and a standard ballpoint pen when it’s dry.
  10. First aid kit – If someone falls or cuts themselves with their multi-tool, you will be glad you carried a first aid kit with you. Attending wounds immediately prolongs the victim’s chances of survival, even in extreme disaster situations. Look for a kit that has trauma supplies, as well as basic first aid items.