Antibiotic Resistance Is Found to Be Present in Every Country

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( — February 8, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, people resort to the use of antibiotics to remedy urinary tract and bladder infections. Unfortunately, their use is often discouraged due to the antibiotic resistance it may cause.

Antibiotic resistance is found to be present in every country. According to experts, it poses a threat to the effective prevention and treatment of a range of infections caused by viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria.

Some experts consider antibiotic resistance as an increasingly serious threat to public health. It is important to understand that a majority of antibiotic resistance cases are found to be caused by the use of antibiotics for UTI treatments.

These new resistance mechanisms are spreading globally, and they threaten treatments for the most common infectious diseases. This could potentially lead to prolonged illness, disability and even death.

Due to antibiotic resistance, the cost of health care is expected to rise. This includes lengthier stays in hospitals as well as more intensive care required.

According to researchers, individuals suffering from infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria are often at a heightened risk of worse clinical outcomes and even death. They also tend to consume more health care resources than individuals infected with non-resistant strains of similar bacteria.

In cases of urinary tract infections, antibiotics work by killing or eliminating the UTI-causing bacteria called E. coli. What makes the use of antibiotics disadvantageous is that they also kill the good bacteria.

The good bacteria are essential for immune system and digestive health. When the digestive function is interrupted, the body is unable to absorb the vitamins and minerals from food.

This is only one of the undesirable consequences of using antibiotics, in addition to antibiotic resistance. Individuals who suffer from UTIs are often advised to turn to natural alternatives that may help to reduce their risk of urinary tract infections.

One of the ways to potentially reduce the risk of UTIs is to use D-Mannose, which is also widely considered to be a safer alternative to certain antibiotics.

D-Mannose is a type of sugar found in cranberry juice, which is a beverage widely believed to be useful against urinary tract infections. This natural alternative is popularized by a potential ability to harm only the bad bacteria and not the good bacteria.

It is thought to stick with the UTI-causing bacteria called E. coli and eliminate it from the body through urine. It doesn’t harm the good bacteria, which is thought to be beneficial for health.

Purest Vantage’s D-Mannose may be an excellent choice as it is highly potent and pure. This formula is carefully-crafted to offer a safe and natural option to UTI sufferers.



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