Having an Indoor Botanical Oasis in the Middle of an Outdoor Winter Wonderland

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(Newswire.net — February 1, 2018) — Here we are, in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record since 1993. It definitely has its advantages. The spring tick and mosquito population will be lower. Playing in the snow is enough to bring out the kid in anyone and the winter months bring Christmas, the New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Three of most people’s’ favorite holidays. However, it also brings cloudy days, barren landscape, and ice cold temperatures. We end up spending a lot of time indoors. Why not bring a greener atmosphere to our everyday life, even when it is snowing outside. Here are a few suggestions for turning your home into an oasis in the middle of winter.

Be Picky

The majority of the time, being picky is not an attractive characteristic. Be that as it may, when considering what kinds of plants to decorate the inside of your home with during the winter requires one to be a little persnickety. A few plants you may consider are the aloe vera plant, the snake plant and bromeliads.

The aloe vera plant is a wonderful tropical plant that doesn’t require much water and can survive with the light from an open window. You only need to water it once a week and make sure it finds the sunlight through the open curtains or blinds. On top of that, the juice from the aloe vera plant is known for soothing burns and containing many vitamins and minerals.

The snake plant is even easier to take care of. You could just about forget that you own this plant. It hardly ever needs water and can live in the shade. You will also enjoy cleaner air as it removes toxins from the air. Lastly, if you invest in a few bromeliads, you can add a splash of color to any room in the house. It actually grows better in the shade and requires the least amount of water of the three.

Placement is Particular

As you decorate your home for the winter, take some time to seriously consider the placement of your foliage. A room with less light coming into it may benefit from the color bromeliads or a zebra plant can add. Winter can be a depressing time for some.

The bursts of color in the home could lighten a mood. There are a lot of things that go on in the typical family bathroom, but one of them is the bandaging of boo-boos. That aloe vera plant may be a great addition to the bathroom.

While bringing a touch of the warmer outdoors, it would also be waiting to soothe cuts and burns. Need to bring a little elegance to the dining room or the living room. The snake plant would be a great addition to these places.

Exercise Your Green Thumb

Ok friends. These are still plants. They may not need as much attention as most plants, but they still need your green thumb. Make sure to feed each plant a little plant food and fertilizer at least once a month. Water each plant according to its need.

Read up on them. Some plants may need water every day while others may only need it every few weeks. Last, pay attention to the amount of sunlight each plant requires to flourish.

Some may grow in the darkest of shadows while others may need hours of direct sunlight. Choose plants that you have an easy time keeping up with. Otherwise, your oasis could end up looking and smelling like a compost pile. 

Winter doesn’t have to be cold and dreary everywhere. Use these tips to create a warm, bright and welcoming atmosphere in your home during the winter months.