Leading Vancouver Telecom Installation and Service Company Gearing up for Busy 2018

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(Newswire.net — February 2, 2018) Surrey, British Columbia — Clearlines Telephone Company, founded in 1995, is poised for one of their busiest years yet in 2018. Increased customer demand and aggressive marketing has led the way in allowing them to anticipate a successful year ahead.  Driving the success of this company is its founder’s enthusiasm for telecommunications. He has over 35 years of experience in the industry and has been involved in every part of the business. This includes installing and repairing telecommunications systems inside of offices, supporting new and older technology such as Panasonic, Nortel Network, Norstar, Meridian and Shaw phone systems. These wide-ranging experiences over the years has given the owner, Camille Charron, a complete understanding of the unique requirements of his clientele.

Customers are often highly impressed by their focus on taking care of their needs. When a business owner has their phone system down, it can cost a business revenue and create hours of frustration. Clearlines Telephone Company understands this. They have the ability to help business owners under such urgent circumstances by providing on-site telephone maintenance and support with a very fast response time. The company and its staff have the experience to take on any challenge that a business has for their phone system.

The company is often able to help other businesses to head off any potential problems by performing free audits on phone bills and overall telecommunication budgets. The company will let the business owner know if they should upgrade or make any changes so that their system operates without any problems and to reduce cost. The company is even able to help businesses who have older systems and are in need of maintenance.

Clearlines Telephone Company is projected to have a stellar year in 2018, if 2017 is any gauge of the current pace of demand for their services. Any business who needs their phone and internet bill reduced should consider the average 60%+ monthly savings they can achieve by bundling these two services together through solutions that Clearlines can structure for them. They are a Shaw Business Authorized Partner, which means they can assist clients with any Shaw service relating to phone and Internet and provide attentive, personal service unique to their needs and requirements.  Clearlines offers a three-year guarantee on all Panasonic products and on new phones.

One of the things that many businesses like about Clearlines is their business telephone training. Whether a company needs a guide for their existing phone make or model, or they need a new system with guides and downloadable resources, they will find it through this reliable service. Some of the training that is available includes voicemail setup, feature settings walkthrough and complete phone system manuals.

When replacing old systems with completely new systems, companies can rely on Clearlines to recycle the old systems. The company will remove broken and unwanted equipment away at no charge to the company and will even see to it that they are recycled. This is a chore that’s often a great hassle for many companies and this step is completely taken care of when using Clearlines services.

With the New Year in full swing, Clearlines is looking forward to one of its busiest years. It has earned itself a great reputation by focusing on their customers and being there for them when needed. They have the experience to make recommendations that save businesses time and money on their phone and Internet systems. Clearlines has established themselves as major service providers in the Richmond, Vancouver, and Delta areas of British Columbia’s Vancouver Lower Mainland. 

For more information, please visit their website at https://www.clearlines.com

About Clearlines Telephone Company

Clearlines Telephone Company specializes in new and refurbished Panasonic, Nortel Networks and Norstar (Meridian) business telephone systems & voicemail systems sales, installation and maintenance. Clearlines was founded in 1995 by Camille Charron who, after working for many years in the telephone industry, saw the need for a reliable and personable business telephone company. He wanted to help people get the most out of their systems while making the experience of setting up an office phone system an enjoyable one. His enthusiasm for telecommunications had him engaged in every aspect of the business—from installing systems in office settings to climbing telephone poles—and the experience gave him a very thorough understanding of business telephone processes. Clearlines benefits from his 35 years in the industry: knowledge, efficiency, reliability and understanding of our clients’ needs. We’re also a Shaw Business Authorized Partner – meaning that we can help you with any Shaw business product from SmartVoice VOIP/IP Phone services, to Internet, phone lines, and more. From our first meeting with you, and throughout your Clearlines experience, our approach is deeply rooted in Camille’s passion for helping people while doing the work we love. We are committed to being available to you when you need us, providing you with all of the information and training you need to take full advantage of your business phone system and ensuring that you have reliable, quality equipment and clear lines. If you need help with business telephone systems selection, installation and maintenance, relocation of existing business telephone systems, voicemail systems installation and maintenance, technical support or on-site maintenance and repairs, give us a call.

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