Winnipeg Dentist Launches Resource Guide in Drive to Improve Dental Hygiene

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( — February 6, 2018) — Winnipeg, Canada — Markham Dental Centre a leading dental provider based in Winnipeg Canada is delighted today to announce the release of their latest resource guide aimed at educating and improving the dental hygiene of their patients.

The guide highlights the basics of oral health and highlights some of the unknown risks that poor dental hygiene could potentially cause a patient to suffer from. Research has suggested that there could be a link between poor dental hygiene, endocarditis, cardiovascular disease and even premature births.

Although it is recommended that people visit their dentist every six months, every patient has to be responsible for their own dental hygiene. However, during a dental visit, when people may be nervous research has demonstrated that many people are unable to fully take in all of the advice the dentist is providing. The idea behind the oral hygiene resource guide is to provide patients with an excellent source of information and guidance that they can read and then implement in the comfort of their home.

“As one of the most popular dental centres in Winnipeg, we are fully committed to improving the dental hygiene of all of our patients,” said Dr. Leon Stein of Markham Dental Centre. “We are always looking for methods to improve our education and felt that producing this resource guide was the perfect solution to provide excellent advice that is easily accessible for our patients. With so much information to absorb, we understand that not all patients will absorb all of the information we are trying to impart at the dental centre, particularly if they have just undergone some dental surgery. This resource guide aims to provide a permanent and easily accessible reference guide for all of our patients that they can refer to 24 hours a day seven days a week.”

The Markham Dental Centre was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Leon Stein. The office provides the highest quality of oral care for all patients. They stand by work and always take the extra step to ensure everyone leaves satisfied. They work very closely with all types of oral health specialists in Manitoba and around Canada. Their policy is only to commence any treatment if they feel that they can 100% do the best job for their patient. If they think that a particular treatment would be better suited for a dental specialist, they will always inform the patient of this as they are determined to provide the best service and treatment. Their patient’s oral health care is what is most important, and sometimes a referral is best. For more information about the company, or to arrange an appointment, visit their website at