Path to the Top: Choosing the Best Business School for You

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( — February 6, 2018) — Choosing a business school, especially for advanced studies, can be a challenge. Thousands of business schools exist all over the world, many with excellent programs and faculty. You can choose to attend school in your own country, or attend an international business school; you can choose to complete an MBA in Italy or one in Japan or the UK. The options are practically endless. So how do you choose?

Like a piece of clothing, schools are never one size fits all. Each individual student is looking for a different experience that the university they attend must largely provide to them, and different goals that that same school must help them to meet. Here are some tips for choosing the best business school for you.

The Student Body Makeup

Finding a school where you can feel at home will make for a much better experience throughout your education. Look at the makeup of the student body – where are they from? What sorts of backgrounds are represented? Is there a strong international presence? During your time in your MBA program, you will forge many connections with your peers as well as with the faculty. Take the time to see if the student body is a good fit for you, and visit the campus in person to poke around and see if you can talk to some of the other students.

The Faculty’s Achievements and Educational Experience

It is of course important that your school’s faculty have achievements in the world of business – and it is also very important that they can actually teach. Not all professors come from an educational background, and while some professors take to teaching like ducks to water, not all do. Ensure that the faculty you’ll be learning from are adept at teaching and have significant experience as educators. It will make your MBA go much more smoothly, whether you study in your own country or at an international business school.

Your Intended Specialization

When pursuing a master’s degree, don’t settle for second best if the school you’re looking at doesn’t have your intended specialization. Look farther afield to find schools that do have the program you really care about pursuing, and disregard schools that don’t have it. In the world of business, you will have to set and achieve clear goals; this should begin with your master’s studies.

What Have Past Graduates Done?

Pay close attention to this, because it will let you know what to expect of your school after you finish your degree. Does your school assist graduates in finding work? Do they directly and frequently contribute to the local and national business community? Have past graduates gone on to achieve impressive goals? If so, this not only indicates that the school has a high quality of instruction, but that they support alumni when they graduate.

The Bologna Business School, which offers students the opportunity to complete their MBA in Italy, has past graduates – especially successful ones – speak to their student body on all and sundry subjects relating to business and specific fields.

While no university you will attend will be a completely perfect fit, these are important considerations to weigh when you are choosing a school. Completing your master’s studies will be one of the most important ventures you ever undertake, so take the time to ensure that you will be taught by a high quality faculty, among students you can form friendships and business relationships with, at a school that offers you support and opportunity now and in the future. These things will make a dramatic difference in your outlook while you are still in school – and in your career growth in the years to come.