Generate Less Internal Acids by Relaxing More

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( — February 12, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Don’t get bitter, get better. Don’t be so acidic, be more alkaline? Ok, that doesn’t have a nice ring to it but it’s exactly what the body demands. A slightly alkaline internal state is the perfect pH balance for humans and there are a number of factors affecting this chemical balance, some more obvious than others. 

For starters, diet is one of the main players in the body’s pH levels. As the body metabolizes the food eaten, a ton of chemical reactions takes place from the moment the meal enters the mouth. Chewing introduces enzymes while mechanically breaking down food as the initial stage of pH changes. Surprisingly, acidic things like an orange or lemon actually have an alkaline effect on the body when ingested. 

“Most fruits and vegetables, including citrus, make your body alkaline,” says Sonja Benjamin, Therapist at Atlanta Classical Homeopathy.”You need 8 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your body alkaline. Meat, dairy, and grains make your body acidic. I recommend that your food intake should be 75% alkaline foods.” 

The way one selects foods, how the body processes and balances its internal conditions, however, even if the ideal diet is achieved, mental and emotional health can throw things out of whack. Feelings of constant pressure, hopelessness and other self-eroding thoughts are more far reaching than most would imagine. A host of chemicals are triggered under distress such as the typically produced cortisol and ketones, making the body more acidic than it really needs to be. 

“An over active adrenal gland caused by high levels of stress can release a hormone called aldosterone into the blood stream causing large quantities of potassium to be excreted into the urine,” explains the Psychological Harassment Information Association. “Aldosterone also causes the excretion of magnesium into the urine. Stress and anxiety are the principal acid generators aside from the diet.” 

Humans can literally think themselves into an acidic state by worrying, not properly dealing with stress, ignoring anxiety attacks and other counter constructive thoughts.

Then there is the matter of pollution and toxins. With driving in traffic instead of taking a morning jog in this highly modernized world, there is a constant stream of smog, exhausts from vehicles and chemical waste from factories resulting in air congestion so breathing is not so much a breeze as it used to be. Personal care products have chemical properties that often do the body more harm than good in the long run if they’re not all naturally or organic in composition. 

Of course smoking or ingesting tobacco and harmful drugs will absolutely damage the homeostatic systems the body has in place to function optimally. Such actions beg for trouble so treating the body with respect is of the utmost importance.  

What might come as a shocker is that exercising too much can actually make the body too acidic. Now, there is actually a point where exercising can be too much, it’s not really something most people think about because frankly most people don’t actually exercise enough and many don’t exercise at all. But pushing the body too hard at the gym can result in the excessive production of lactic acid in the muscles. 

Lastly, staying hydrated is a big part of staying balanced. If not enough water is consumed then the kidneys simple can’t filter the blood efficiently which leaves the blood stuck with the excess acid that ought to be quickly passed through the urinary tract. Speaking of which, a urine or saliva test is the best DIY way of monitoring one’s pH levels. The HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips are the ideal tool for the job as they offer results within seconds and come with an easy to understand results color chart.

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