Adequate Biotin Levels May Aid Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

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( — February 15, 2018) Wilmington, DE — Today, many people are suffering from a potentially disabling condition called multiple sclerosis. While there are medications available, certain vitamins may benefit sufferers of the disease.

Adequate biotin levels may potentially aid multiple sclerosis sufferers. This disease affects the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. In cases of multiple sclerosis, the immune systems attacks myelin, which is a protective sheath that covers the nerve fibers.

This condition leads to communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body. Eventually, it can cause the nerves to deteriorate or worse, become permanently damaged. The symptoms caused by this condition may vary, such as depending on the severity of the nerve damage or which nerve is affected.

There are sufferers of severe multiple sclerosis who lose their ability to independently walk. There are those who can’t walk at all or even suffer from long periods of remission even without experiencing any new symptoms.

There is no cure yet for multiple sclerosis. Individuals who suffer from it typically experience symptoms such as numbness, partial or complete loss of vision, prolonged double vision and pain in some parts of the body.

Multiple sclerosis may also lead to electric-shock sensations, slurred speech, fatigue, dizziness, tremors and problems with bowel and bladder function. When symptoms worsen, sufferers often experience problems with mobility and gait.

While it has not been known yet what causes multiple sclerosis, it is considered an autoimmune disease. Some of the risk factors of the condition are age, sex, family history, certain infections, race, climate, smoking habits and some autoimmune diseases.

This debilitating condition may also lead to complications which include muscle stiffness or spasms, paralysis, mental changes and problems with bowels, bladder or sexual function.

Biotin has been found to be an important factor in producing myelin. In a pilot study involving 23 participants with progressive multiple sclerosis, it was found that the use of high doses of biotin resulted in some degree of clinical improvement in more than 90% of the participants.

More studies are still underway to validate the possible effects of biotin against the condition. One of the best ways to obtain the potentially therapeutic goodness of biotin is to utilize DermaSafe’s Biotin 5000 Plus, which is a highly potent and pure formula.


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