Experts Strengthen Warning Against the Use of Antibiotics

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( — February 16, 2018) Orlando, FL — Antibiotics are among the widely-used pharmaceutical drugs today. While many individuals, such as those suffering from UTIs, see them as beneficial, it is important to remember the adverse effects they may potentially cause. 

Experts strengthen their warning against the use of antibiotics. This type of medication is often resorted to by many individuals who suffer from bladder and urinary tract infections. It is prescribed only by licensed physicians due to some valid reasons.

These medications are formulated to kill bacteria. For instance, in cases of urinary tract infections, it is supposed to kill the UTI-causing E. coli bacteria. However, it ends up killing the beneficial bacteria as well. 

When the number of good bacteria declines, it disrupts the delicate balance of the body’s intestinal terrain. Opportunistic organisms such as yeasts can start dominating as the intestinal bacteria die. This is especially true when their dietary needs are met. 

Due to the ability to alter the normal terrain of the intestines, antibiotics may also increase the risk of food allergies. There may be an array of intestinal disorders that the body is susceptible to due to the use of antibiotics. 

It is important to understand that antibiotic resistance has become one of the most alarming public health concerns from around the world. This gives some health experts the reason to recommend the reduced intake of this type of medication. 

Individuals who suffer from UTIs are advised to take the measures necessary to naturally reduce their risk of the infection. There are even some experts who strongly discourage the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not permanently provide a solution against infections such as UTIs. 

There are many experts who recommend that consumers consider safer alternatives to antibiotics. One is D-Mannose, which has long been believed to be a therapeutic sugar that can fight E. coli, which is a UTI-causing bacteria.

D-Mannose has been found to work wonders in fighting UTIs in some studies. It is believed to work by binding with bad bacteria before flushing them out of the body. This means that only the good bacteria are left in the urinary tract.

Purest Vantage’s D-Mannose formula may be an excellent product to use for individuals who want to avoid the side effects antibiotics may potentially cause. This supplement is loaded with the goodness of D-Mannose, and is carefully-crafted to be safe and effective to use. 

It is highly potent and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients such as binders, fillers, additives, preservatives, and GMOs. It even comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.



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