Laser Treatments Could Successfully Treat Headaches

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( — February 10, 2018) Darien, CONNECTICUT — Another day and yet another headache. They seem to happen at the worst possible time. A meeting at school, in the middle of a soccer game, even worse on a day off. So, if you are like most chronic headache sufferers, you learn to deal with it. You reach for a pill hoping to take the edge off until you can drift off into sleep. Somehow life does not deal you a fair chance to exist with your head pounding when you least need it.

Well, there is some good news. It is called Cold Laser also known as Low-Level Laser therapy. Laser therapy uses a laser beam to pinpoint nerves thought to cause headaches. It has been used in Europe for a dozen years and now it is reaching our shores at the speed of light. The light beam acts to stimulate arterioles, small arteries producing nitric oxide. As a side note, erectile dysfunction medications do the same thing. The increased production of NO2 (nitric oxide) will relax constricted blood vessels. The relaxed blood vessels allow for vasodilation and can decrease the pain. Now, be certain it is not saying that you should take Viagra for headaches. We are pointing to similarities to explain the mechanism and as to why it is believed to work.

The laser is aimed at the sphenopalatine ganglion, a nerve branch of the trigeminal nerve believed to be involved with headaches. The pain receptors are irritated when constricted. The NO2 allows for relaxation of the constriction, and this is the mechanism that causes the headache to subside. Does it work for all headaches? No, but it is promising as people seek out non-drug approaches to their health issues. There are virtually no side effects. The relief can be profound and this is where Cold Laser Therapy offers a great deal of hope for those suffering from chronic headaches.

Good news if you live in or near Stamford CT. 

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