Advice for Taking Care of Your Eyes

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( — February 12, 2018) — If you want to take care of your eyesight in your eyeballs, there are many practical steps that you can take. For most people, these steps are very obvious, but for others, they failed to see some of the risks involved in some of the behaviors that they have, particularly when it comes to eye protection.

So, if you want to take care of your eyes as well as possible – be sure to see an optometrist regularly, avoid too much screen time because of the strain involved, wear protective eyewear whenever it makes sense, and don’t stare at the sun, even though you might get incredibly excited about an eclipse!

See an Optometrist Regularly

Even if you feel like your eyesight isn’t that bad, going to an optometrist regularly will give you additional information about your eye health. Maybe you need glasses. Maybe you could benefit from my surgery. Maybe they will notice some degenerative condition before it gets too bad. Going once a year or once every few years to see an eye doctor will ensure that nothing takes you by surprise later in life.

Avoid Screen Time Eye Strain

Too much screen time causes eye strain. This is a known fact. If there is any possibility that you can reduce your screen time, especially if it helps to get rid of headaches, that may do a lot to alleviate some of the pain you have stemming from your eyeballs. People spend so much time on computers and cell phones these days, that eyes don’t get a chance to relax or focus at different points as often as they would naturally. Make sure to take regular breaks whenever you feel like you’re staring at screens for too long, and that will keep your eyes healthier for longer.

Wear Protective Eyewear When It Makes Sense

Even if you think they don’t make you look beautiful, you should wear protective eyewear whenever it makes sense. When sparks are flying around, wear safety goggles. When there is a chance for toxic or caustic liquids to get around your face, wear safety goggles. If there are wood chips, metal chips, or any chips at all flying through the air – wear safety goggles! It’s not worth damaging your eyes just because you’re worried about aesthetics.

No Starting at the Sun!

Though it should go without saying, you should never stare at the sun. There have been some solar eclipses lately, and each time, people damage their eyes because they don’t have the proper safety gear. There are fake sunglasses sold on the market. There are pieces of unsafe equipment that are touted as being okay. Listen to scientists, not your friends!