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( — February 23, 2018) La Verne, CA — In the fast-paced world of business startups and emerging entrepreneurs, there are many misconceptions surrounding the role of leadership. Too many people believe that becoming an entrepreneur is the same thing as becoming a leader. Adequate leadership is needed for success in any business venture, but launching a company or raising capital funds does not necessarily provide someone with leadership skills. Brian P. Johnson, a certified coach and leadership training instructor with the John Maxwell Group, knows that leadership is a learned process, not an inherited one. “Creating a business from scratch or developing a great business idea is not the same as being a leader,” says Mr. Johnson. “Lack of leadership at the highest levels of a business startup can spell doom for the company even before it gets off the ground.” To learn more about leadership in the entrepreneurial space, visit

With the role of leader so clear in business, many wonder where to turn for help. Luckily, there are several tips to help individuals become better leaders and entrepreneurs. The first item that future leaders must understand is that becoming a leader is a time-intensive process, not an overnight success. Success does not earn leadership; it is earned in much the same way that respect is. Just like in building a business for success, future leaders must work toward goals, learning from experiences along the way and implementing improvements based on the lessons learned.

It is also important for developing leaders to understand that the best way to measure success is to put aside personal achievements and to focus on the achievements of the team as a whole. Inspiring team members is the most critical role a leader has, and analyzing team achievements over individual gains is part of the leadership growth process. A leader serves as a guide and as inspiration for others; and the overall success of a business organization depends on instilling a sense of teamwork. Setting goals, then working toward them as a team, helps to build a sense of ownership among members of the team, including the team’s leaders.

Another tip is for leaders to understand that they can influence outcomes based on their own actions and intentions. Leaders must have clear goals in mind, then add value to the interactions with others to reach those goals. This is sometimes referred to as the “wow factor”, and further builds the team, shaping their actions into a finely-tuned process that achieves goals by buying into the value of the organization and its venture. Value inspires others, and remaining consistent is key toward building strong business leaders. “A motivated team works to build success, but consistency and discipline in actions are the real catalyst for growth,” adds Brian Johnson. For more information on Brian and his leadership during the course of his career, visit

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With an extensive background in law enforcement, Brian P. Johnson has been known as a leader throughout his career. During his years in the law enforcement field, he was responsible for shaping policies and procedures, and helped develop leadership within the ranks. He served at high levels in a number of municipal police departments in Southern California before embarking on his new role as a certified coach and public speaker. Today, Mr. Johnson works with the John Maxwell Group, helping others to achieve success in business and in leadership.

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