Rosea Rhodiola Found to Have Remarkable Age-Defying Benefits

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( — February 20, 2018) Orlando, FL — The aging process carries along many health disadvantages. There are many people who turn to various products just to fight the signs of aging. However, not many people know that certain natural remedies are more effective at fighting the aging-related signs.

Rosea Rhodiola is found to have remarkable age-defying benefits. This amazingly therapeutic ingredient is popularized widely by its stress-fighting benefits.

The researchers from the University of California, Irvine have been studying the effects of this herb on the lifespan of fruit flies for almost a decade. The research team found that Rhodiola was able to decelerate aging and even extended the lifespan of a fruit fly by 25 percent.

Scientists were absolutely intrigued by this increase in lifespan. Thus, they tried to take a deeper look at the variety of therapeutic properties of Rhodiola, and see how it systematically improves vibrant activity in the body.

It was found that rhodiola has functions in numerous pathways to achieve optimum health and longevity. According to some experts, it could enhance endothelial function, lower stress, help fight fatigue, affect immune senescence, prevent neurological disease, and improve physical endurance.

Further, this natural remedy also aids in offering protection against factors involved in the normal aging process. It has even been found to confer systemic improvements in the physical and biological function, and regain more youthful cell functions.

According to researchers, Rosea Rhodiola root extract possesses more than 140 different bioactive compounds. Studies even suggest that it has key constituents that are responsible for its effect on longevity.

One of its components aids with protecting human cells from premature aging upon exposure to oxidative stress.

Rosea Rhodiola extract successfully preserved the ability of the aging skin cells to divide, thus, leading to more vital, healthier skin. Some of its components have also been found to help improve endurance exercise capacity of all participants.

More interestingly, this natural remedy works through a variety of pathways by tuning up the body against factors of aging.

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