Jacob Barbosa Discusses Coworking Spaces for Startups

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(Newswire.net — February 16, 2018) Newport Beach, CA –Business startups around the United States often struggle with affording office space in which to build their young companies. Business leader and entrepreneur, Jacob Barbosa, knows that coworking spaces provide an ideal solution for many of these new business ventures. Jacob, the Principal at Pacific Coast Spirits in the southern Orange County region, says that cooperative work spaces offer affordability, convenience, and flexibility to the companies that utilize them. “Coworking spaces are networking-friendly,” says Jacob. “They encourage collaboration along with providing the professional atmosphere that is critical for budding businesses.” To learn more about this emerging business trend, visit http://tech.co/makes-coworking-spaces-attractive-startups-2017-02.

Smaller businesses, especially early-stage ventures in the tech and healthcare sectors, often cannot afford formal office spaces. Coworking spaces have moved in to fill a crucial role. Traditional floor space in office developments can be extremely expensive, while similar arrangements in coworking facilities are within reach of the smallest business startup. In many cities, coworking office facilities offer a range of amenities, such as food truck events, sleep pods for nap breaks during long work sessions, snacks, coffee bars, and even beer on tap. Coworking spaces are especially popular within the creative class, such as architect firms, gaming companies, graphic designers, and disruptive innovators. These facilities also help foster a sense of community, which is very important for small businesses. Support and encouragement from fellow office tenants helps new businesses find their way in a crowded marketplace. In addition, access to communal office equipment and conferencing rooms helps to reduce overhead costs for all members of a coworking space. Facilities are often located in the urban centers of many American cities, but they can also be found in rural environments and popular neighborhoods and small towns across the country. “Companies that develop coworking spaces usually try to locate them where the action is happening,” adds Jacob. “Workers there are plugged into the business world in ways never before possible.”

One of Jacob’s favorite coworking office facilities is located in San Francisco, California. Called NextSpace Union Square, the facility was launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the leading such facilities on the West Coast. NextSpace, established in 2008, has expanded to locations throughout California and even to Chicago, Illinois. Each facility operated by the parent company provides communal office environments and a wide range of specialized services. As the leader behind Pacific Coast Spirits in Orange County, Jacob works with early-stage businesses. The company he heads provides expert advisory services for startups, including helping them to develop capital investment plans and crowdfunding campaigns. For more information on Jacob and his background in entrepreneurship, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-barbosa-253032121/.

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Jacob Barbosa, Chicago-native, is a business entrepreneur who specializes in launching start-ups from inception. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and DeVry University. Today, he leads a team of professionals at Pacific Coast Spirits in Newport Beach, California.

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