Here are Some Tips & Tricks Regarding MetaTrader 4

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( — February 20, 2018) — It’s well-known that Metatrader 4’s popularity has raised a lot in a short time among trading platforms. And it’s understandable, considering the fact that it allows trades to happen it allows you to manage orders and make forex fundamental analysis operations. Moreover, it’s able to test your online forex trading, indicators and scripts.

So here are a few tips to make your life easier while using this program

Changing timeframes from the keyboard

According to MetaTrader 4 Multi-Terminal, lots of users want their data to be shown in full-screen mode. But this means that they will not be able to see the buttons for changing timeframes anymore, and they will need to do this manually. So you will need to press Enter, then H (for the H1 timeframe, for example) and then press Enter again. 

How to get the ruler tool

At some point, you will need to use the ruler tool, which helps you find the measure between two points. switch the cursor to crosshair mode (or press Ctrl+F), and now you’ll see the price and date/time coordinates of every point from your chart. Then you need to press down the left mouse key and drag the mouse to obtain the tool. 

Add custom-made indicators to the platform

Get the source code from the web resource, which has the indicator you’d want to use. Copy the text and then go back to the MT4 and press F4 to activate the MetaEditor. Then you need to open the Expert Advisor Wizard to create a new indicator. For doing this, you need to click on the “custom indicator, then next. Choose a name and then press finish.  Then press the left mouse key in the screen body and select and past the code. Then press F5 to save the indicator. 

Watch your progress

You can watch price developments of two currency pairs after you learn how to use custom-defined indicators, just by adding an indicator to let you make use of chart overlay.

Use favorites

If you use indicators and want to get to them faster, add them to Favorites, by pressing the right mouse key on the name of the indicator and choosing Add to favorites”. 

See your trades in detail

For doing this, you need to got to “Account History” from the Terminal panel.Choose the position you want and drag it onto the chart. Then all the details that you need will appear on the screen. This way you’ll see if there were problems with your trades during the day. 

Do a template

It happens sometimes to delete all data from a chart by accident. By doing a template, this will no longer be a problem. It will be a backup plan.

So you need to open a new chart and then press F8 to open the settings. You need to save the template in the Charts menu and then choose a name for it. To use it, go to the Chart menu, press Template and pick your template. 

Add text explanations to the graphs

Go to Insert menu, by using “Insert Text”. Click where you want to write on the chart and a dialogue box should open.  The things with this are that you have a certain quantity of words that will appear on the screen.  if you need to add longer texts you will have to use the insert text feature more than once.

Make connectivity easier for you

To you cut down traffic and to make it easier for you to connect with other trades, all you need to do is remove some data from the screen, for example, the news feed for all the currencies that you don’t use as often in your trade. So you need to go to the tools menu press on options and uncheck enable news.

Restart the platform

Due to some common issues you will need to restart the platform this will make it easier for you to use the program.