Experts Strengthen Their Warning Against Alcohol Poisoning

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( — February 28, 2018) Orlando, FL — Excessive alcohol consumption has long been known to be a threat to human health and survival. However, it appears that more and more people are still binge drinking.

Experts strengthen their warning against alcohol poisoning, which is a serious condition. The truth is that even if one has already stopped drinking, there is still a risk of poisoning for some time afterward.

According to health care providers, some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are abnormal breathing, confusion and vomiting. When the case is severe, it can place one in a life-threatening situation.

It has been found that sufferers of alcohol poisoning may lose consciousness. This is due to the fact that their blood alcohol concentration has already reached a certain level.

There are symptoms that develop when there is a progression from being intoxicated to being poisoned by alcohol. This includes hypothermia, which is characterized by a drop in body temperature.

It can also manifest in a form of pale skin, being conscious but unresponsive, abnormal breathing, slow breathing, vomiting and when one passes out. In serious cases, breathing may absolutely stop.

It can also lead to the increased risk of choking on the vomit, severe dehydration and heart attack. It can lead to coma when the alcohol poisoning is extreme.

Experts highly discourage the excessive consumption of alcohol. The good news is that there are alternatives believed to be helpful against this issue, and one is activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is a widely-studied natural ingredient due to the health-based benefits it may potentially offer. It has been found to be useful in filtering water, whitening teeth, and even cleansing the body from toxins.

Due to its powerful health potentials, it is frequently used through supplementation. One of the most recommended formulas is Divine Bounty’s activated charcoal.

According to researchers, activated charcoal works wonders not actually by absorbing alcohol but instead, it may aid quickly in eliminating other toxins from the body that contribute to poisoning.

Alcoholic beverages often contain additives such as chemicals and artificial sweeteners. These are toxins that are consumed with alcohol. Activated charcoal is believed to remove these chemicals and toxins.

In some studies, activated charcoal has been found to cause some significant reductions in blood alcohol concentrations. More studies are still underway to validate its health-based benefits.

This highly potent formula is protected with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. It is also pure and free from unwanted ingredients.


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