5 Tips to Creating a Subscription Box

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(Newswire.net — February 22, 2018) — Subscription boxes are super hot these days. They’re a great way to shop and introduce new and unique products to people. You’ll be surprised at how many customers are out there interested in trying a bunch of handpicked products that fit a certain niche. If you’re looking to start a subscription box business, here are 5 tips you should learn:

1. Brainstorm for an idea

Every business starts with an idea. A strong business is rooted in a good idea. In the case of subscription boxes, you should know that each box fits a certain niche, filled with different products and services your audience may want to try. Start with a general idea and tailor your boxes from its different branches so you won’t run out of ideas. For example you’re going for a Beauty box. As you dig deeper you’ll find there are tons of varieties in it. There’s makeup, skin care, hair care, etc. Then you can dig further and offer American, UK, and Korean products. By creating a tree from your general idea you can imagine how many ideas you can get from just one single concept.

2. Decide how to package your item

In the world of marketing and e-commerce, packaging is everything. Sites like Packwire could help choose and design your own boxes. In packaging your items, make sure the box is made of strong materials to withstand the stress of shipping. You don’t want your boxes arriving tattered and dented on your customer’s doorstep. Also, design is important. Hire a graphic designer if you must to make sure your boxes are attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Packaging plays a big role in attracting customers.

3. Research on your market

Once you’ve decided on a general niche, do your research on your potential clients. What ages do they fall in? Who are these people, their location, gender, and demography? Which social media sites do they lurk on the most? What are their shopping habits? By taking these considerations you’ll get a bigger picture of your business and the type of customers who would purchase your box.

4. Make a prototype box

Before planning your launch, make sure you put together a prototype box. By pooling products you’d want to put on your box, you can see if your box is something attractive and something you’d like to receive on a regular basis. When making a prototype box, consider the size of the box. Make sure it’s reasonable enough for shipping and roomy enough to house a lot of interesting items. Decide how many products you want to put inside, and make room for safety packing materials such as bubble wraps, confetti beds and so on. Your prototype box should also be designed mindfully. Considering your target audience in mind, make sure that your design fits their interests and the aesthetics are pleasing to the eyes. And of course, Label the box properly with your business name and contact details.

5. Plan the launch

Now that you’ve got your idea intact and has made a successful prototype box, it’s time to market your subscription box! This is one of the most exciting and also stressful parts of the project. This is where you have to create buzz and promote your business like crazy to ensure it reaches your target audience. First, you’d want to create a launch page to inform visitors that something exciting is coming up soon. There are several online services that can help you with this such as Launchrock and Unbounce. Share your launch page to your friends and promote it to different pages and you’ll start getting email alert sign ups, these are warm leads. Once you’ve set up your launch page, you can proceed by collecting pre-payments from your first subscribers. Make sure to offer a ton of freebies and incentives to keep the excitement going.