Drinking Ionized Water Can Enhance Overall Health

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(Newswire.net — February 27, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — In attempts to save dishes and appliances from the horror hard water unleashes often times, water softeners are employed. Yet while hard water may leave streaks on glasses and limescale build up around showerheads, it’s actually better for drinking than soft water but the best of the lot goes to aklakine/ionized water. 

“Alkaline water is a lot better than softened water for health,” declares Life Ionizer. “The reason is that alkaline water contains healthy amounts of calcium and magnesium. Softened water contains little or no calcium or magnesium because water softeners replace those minerals with salt. Fact is, if you have a water softener, you are better off drinking your water straight from the tap.” 

Unfortunately, water softeners don’t really do much in terms of improving the consumption quality of water. Its focus is on eliminating limescale/calcium deposits which cause blockages in pipes and corrodes surfaces so water softeners are all about removing minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. In a way, one could think of water softeners as agents that literally make water molecules softer or more agreeable by making them less grainy or less abrasive to the surfaces they come in contact with. Meanwhile, water ionizers are designed to alter the pH levels to achieve an alkaline state in favour of the human body’s drinking needs. 

“Alkaline water is water that’s less acidic than regular tap water,” explains Precision Nutrition. “This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Proponents of alkaline water believe that it can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream and help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance.” 

Since nutrients are absorbed up to 30 times faster through water consumption than through any other means, it’s understanding why so many would be excited about the health prospects of alkaline/ionized water. 

“The beneficial alkaline elements in water are concentrated, while the harmful acidic elements are separated out,” explains Water Ionizer Experts, a group of industry experts with the goal of educating consumers. “This makes alkaline water rich in beneficial calcium and magnesium, and gives it acid-fighting alkalinity. Furthermore, a recent (2106) study reveals that ionized alkaline water may extend lifespan by providing a “deceleration aging factor” as the water is imbued with antioxidant potential.” 

The minerals found in ionized water are even recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for dietary contributions, especially calcium hydrate which has actually been added to instant formula and orange juice to fortify them with the necessary amount of calcium per serving. It’s comforting to know that investing in a device such as the HealthyWiser™ Water Ionizer Machine can enhance overall health in the long run.

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