Denver Tree Service Environmental Tree Care LLC Discusses Their History

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( — February 27, 2018) — Customers looking for an exceptional Denver Tree Service are now able to find help for all of their tree service needs from Environmental Tree Care LLC. Ken Zuber, Owner at Environmental Tree Care LLC has just released more in depth details of Tree Service’s history.

“As the premier Denver Tree Service, we serve customers throughout the Denver Metro area. Our customers care about their trees,” the team proudly states.

Because trees are living things and must be cared for and protected, Environmental Tree Care LLC offers the following services to both commercial customers and residential customers.

Tree Trimming. We all know that trees continue to grow and put out new branches. To keep them healthy, trees need to be trimmed each year to keep them growing and strong. Customers who contract with Environmental Tree Care LLC to trim their trees do so because they know that healthy trees provide shade and comfort to humans and a home or resting place for birds and wildlife.

Tree Removal. Environmental Tree Care LLC made sure to make this part of the of their service. Although they do not like to see trees removed, the reality is, sometimes trees become sick or diseased. Because of this, at times, they need to be removed. When trees get sick and unhealthy, limbs become an major hazard and may even be life-threatening. Furthermore, when a tree dies, it can fall, causing major damage to property or even life.

Tree Care. Over all, caring for your trees in absolutely imperative and trees without care will become sick and may even die. Denver area trees are a tremendous asset. Customers of Environmental Tree Care LLC are motivated to care for their trees and keep them growing and healthy for as long as possible.

Ken Zuber, when asked about the history of Environmental Tree Care LLC, said, “As a Denver Tree Service, we have been committed to caring for Denver trees and our customers satisfaction since 2004.”

Many contractors offer many different services. Environmental Tree Care LLC also offers other services, such as firewood and snow removal, but the main passion of this company is and always has been to care for Denver trees.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at