Go Green – Choose Healthier, Chemical Free and Environmental Friendly Mattresses

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(Newswire.net — March 6, 2018) — Man has created synthetic forms for the betterment of mankind, but instead these materials create toxic fumes and form a bulk of non-biodegradable waste that pollutes our environment, which is in turn harming the mankind itself. People are getting more aware about the current environmental scenario and are switching to more renewable and biodegradable form of energy and materials.

We spend 8 hours in our bed giving ourselves the most desired peaceful time while we sleep. While our body switches on the repair mechanism during this period, we fail to realize that sleeping on such synthetic fibre mattresses are harming us during our healing time zone. However, don’t worry, as now our market has environmental friendly options too.

Many people have already invested in eco-friendly varieties and their mattress review states that their back hardly feels any difference between organic and synthetic forms, but yes, they are able to breathe better because of the absence of toxic smell.

How our regular beds are producing bad environmental effects?

Let us first learn how we have damaged the environment with the use of traditional mattresses –

  • Use of glues and various chemicals in these mattresses makes them carcinogenic and bad for human health.
  • These chemicals leech into the environment through water and air and form a layer of pollutants causing respiratory allergies.
  • Prolonged use of such mattresses also causes disruption of the human endocrine mechanism.
  • It is not just the mattress material, but also the synthetic fibre of the cover that forms a non-biodegradable pollutant.
  • Indoor air quality worsens as these mattresses start to wear and leech out the chemicals at a greater rate.
  • Their manufacturing process also involves use of glues that form a major part of industrial waste and pollutant.

Classic features of an eco-friendly mattress

Any process or product that utilizes clean and renewable form of resources or energy is termed as eco-friendly. Using and supporting eco-friendly materials and processes is the only way left with use to save our environment and thereby mankind. The basic features of any eco-friendly mattress are:

  • There are no manufacturing non-biodegradable waste and emissions during the entire synthesis process.
  • They are made from organic material and contain absolutely zero chemicals.
  • Their transportation involves environmental friendly shipping methods.
  • There are no harmful emissions that linger in your room over time.

Types of eco-friendly mattresses available in the stores

There is a limitation to the availability of completely eco-friendly mattress options in the market. The tag might state go green, or organic but ask for a complete list of materials used and you will know what percent of mattress is actually green. The main 3 materials used for manufacturing 100% natural mattresses are:

  1. Natural Latex is completely plant based and is treated minimally to form a foam mattress.

  • It undergoes very low impact manufacturing process while utilizing renewable energy sources.
  • It is durable, healthy and bio degradable and can easily last more than a decade.
  • It gives about 80% mattress satisfaction.
  1. Memory foam in its eco friendly form might not be 200% organic, but will have subsequent percentage of chemicals getting replaced by plant products.

  • It is more affordable than latex.
  • It comes in a variety of bed sizes and is the most comfortable.
  1. Innerspring Eco-Friendly mattresses are made with the replacement of fire barriers with more natural materials than chemicals

  • Manufacturing is difficult, making them more expensive.

Commonly used fabrics that make up the cover for green mattresses

With the basic mattress material being eco-friendly, the mattress covers cannot be synthetic if you wish to go entirely green. The common options for organic mattress covers are:

  1. Organic cotton is the most breathable and least hypoallergenic,

  2. Bamboo fabrics are the most luxurious and most easily available renewable fabric source.

  3. Wool is completely natural and forms a great option for people in the colder areas because of its excellent heating properties.

No matter what you choose, just remind yourself that by buying eco-friendly mattresses, you are taking one step forward towards a healthier life and environment. Investment done now can cut a lot of healthcare cost that toxic fumes might have incurred.