Landmark Clinical Trial Reveals Curcumin Could Combat Depression

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( — March 13, 2018) Orlando, FL — There are many psychological issues that can be influenced by a variety of factors, and one is depression. There are medications available, but there are also natural remedies thought to be helpful to sufferers.

A landmark clinical trial reveals curcumin could combat depression. Medications have long been an immediate treatment solution for a variety of psychological issues. It can’t be denied that many people from around the world are relying on pharmaceutical drugs to reduce their depressive symptoms.

According to research, Americans spend more than $300 billion dollars annually on prescription medication. While a variety of medications are useful for certain diseases and disorders, there are many who turn to the use of natural alternatives.

The widespread scare in relation to the side effects linked with the use of pharmaceutical drugs has led many to resort to natural remedies. There are actually many reasons why many people are already turning to the use of natural supplements, which is also a billion-dollar industry.

There are those with genetic weaknesses and who have an increased need for certain nutrients. Since they are unable to get these nutrients from food, they take advantage of what natural supplements have to offer. It is also important to remember there are certain types of nutrients that are believed to prevent or treat conditions, like birth defects, high cholesterol, arthritis, and cancer.

Curcumin could be an excellent remedy for depression. It is important to remember that one of the side effects of using prescription drugs is that their effectiveness can actually fade over time. This forces depression sufferers to live with their mood disorder.

According to researchers, curcumin has a high potential in attacking multiple underlying targets. This is believed to significantly help combat the crippling effects of depression.

 In a breakthrough clinical trial published in the Phytotherapy research journal, it has been revealed that by 2020, this psychological condition could be the second-leading cause of disability worldwide.

In a study, the researchers had subjects with major depressive disorder. The first group took medications, the second consumed curcumin, and the third was administered both treatments.

The Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM- scale) was used by researchers to measure the results. They were able to rate the severity of depression by evaluating anxiety, mood, suicidal ideation, feelings of guilt, agitation, insomnia, weight loss, or motor retardation.

It was found that curcumin performed as good as pharmaceutical medications. Thus, the researchers suggested that this phytochemical could be a safer and more effective agent to use in the treatment of major depressive disorder.


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