Denver CO Redbud Med Spa Unveils Affordable Botox Procedure

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( — March 7, 2018) — Golden, CO. Botox Cosmetic is an extrmely well-studied treatment with 417 peer reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals. These articles have affirmed that not only is Botox very effective for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles but it is also safe. It is approved for cosmetic use in 78 countries.

Tanna Donalson, Physician Assistant and Owner of Redbud Medical Aesthetics said, “Botox is not only our most popular procedure but it is also the #1 cosmetic treatment worldwide. ”Botox is the only approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crows feet in adults. Of particular interest, Botox continues to gain more and more clinical indications including the treatment of excessive sweating in the armpits, migraines, overactive bladder, twitching of the eyelids, and muscle spasm in the neck.

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Wrinkles happen for a variety of reasons and it is not just about cellular changes that occur in our skin over time, but it is also due to a reduction of collagen and free radical damage by the sun and the environment. When you furrow your brows because you are frowning or squinting, the muscles between your brow contract and begin to cause lines to form. The same is true when you smile, the lines begin to form around the outside of the eyes as well as when you raise your eyebrows, those horizontal lines on the forehead begin to set in. Botox works beneath the skin surface to target the underlying muscle activity that causes these lines and wrinkles.

Realistically, you will begin to notice results in the first 24-48 hours and it will take full effect in 2 weeks. The results can last up to 4 months and sometimes longer. When you schedule an appointment for Botox, we will first spend a little time developing a plan together to make sure we are working towards your goals. The Botox process only takes about 5 minutes and is essentially painless. There is no downtime and it is so quick and easy that a lot of people refer to it as a “lunchtime procedure”. You will be able to get back to your life as soon as you leave the office with very few restrictions. In just a few days to a week’s time, you will look like yourself only with less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are a few cautions to consider as you begin your search for a provider. Botox is definitely technique dependent. You should absolutely not lose the ability to show expression on your face. You should make sure that your provider is licensed, trained and a medical expert. When you consider the cost, remember that you are not only paying for the price of the product but also for the skill and expertise of the health professional who is doing your treatment. Be very wary of discounted Botox or “cheap” Botox ; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is most important that you trust your provider and the two of you together develop an action plan that is best for you.

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