Men Tend to Suffer From Ailments More Than Women

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( — March 15, 2018) Orlando, FL — Researchers have long been conducting studies to differentiate the health of men and women. In a new study it was found that, contrary to popular belief, men tend to suffer from ailments more than women.

The Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study. It was found that estrogen, which is a female hormone, may strengthen a woman’s immune system. Testosterone, on the other hand, impairs the capacity of the body to fight off viruses.

Scientists wrote in the journal, called Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that the pre-optic area in the brain is larger in men.

This is important due to the fact that this area triggers fevers in times of inflammatory illnesses. The results of the study suggest that men are susceptible to experiencing heightened symptoms, even from a simple illness like the common cold.

According to the researchers from the University of Glasgow, men are not quite attuned to their biofeedback signals.

This, according to the Daily Mail, means that they are inherently bad at understanding or interpreting how their body feels.

Today, many men are struggling from a variety of diseases and disorders. Most of these conditions are highly preventable through enhancing dietary and lifestyle practices. Men have different nutritional needs that should be addressed to keep their bodies healthy.

While men generally see themselves as stronger, it is important to understand that their bodies may also be susceptible to diseases. It is wise to strengthen immune system health, and this can be achieved by increasing intake of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy foods contain a variety of health-enhancing, disease-fighting properties. This includes minerals and vitamins, which are needed by the body to stay healthy.

It is wise to avoid consumption of junk, processed foods. These contain little to no nutritional values and are even loaded with unhealthy substances. Some of the chemicals contained in processed foods are linked with the onset of various diseases, which include fatal ones.

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