Siberian Cosmetics Company Launches New Collection for Men

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( — March 8, 2018) — Best Organic USA Sib, a company offering a wide collection of organic skin care products, launched a new men’s skin and hair care collection. All products are made of botanical-based ingredients, containing no sulfates, parabens, synthetic oils and other dangerous substances.

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With more and more people becoming aware of the potential health risks posed by chemical cosmetics, organic and botanical products have become increasingly popular in recent years. Both men and women are now interested in natural cosmetics, in an effort to avoid the various potential effects of dangerous chemicals, including rashes, allergies and even cancer.

Best Organic USA Sib is a company offering a wide range of cosmetic and skin care products made of quality organic and botanical ingredients.

The e-store launched a new collection of men’s skin, body and hair care products to respond to the increased demand of quality men’s cosmetics.

Clients can find a variety of items, including shaving gels and balms, facial cleansing lotions and shampoo.

The new Best Organic USA Sib calming after shave balm contains Siberian cider oil to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin after each shave. Other ingredients such as Siberian pine oil and rosemary extracts contribute to improved skin elasticity, making the Siberian balm an ideal choice for men with sensitive skin.

The new collection also includes a facial cleansing wash. Made of Siberian pine oil, thyme, hops, aloe and basil, this soothing cream can be used on a daily basis to clean, protect and moisturize the skin.

For a complete hair and body cleaning experience, Best Organic USA Sib offers the new Siberian Pure Herbs shampoo and body wash. The thyme, pine and Ginseng extracts contribute to an invigorating shower while also ensuring deep hair and body cleaning.

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