Multiple Studies Highlight Resveratrol’s Amazing Health Benefits

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( — March 16, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more clinicians and scientists are eyeing natural remedies like resveratrol to cure various ailments. This powerful antioxidant has long been discovered to be therapeutic, and could even ward off diseases.

Multiple studies highlight resveratrol’s amazing health benefits. One of the most popular therapeutic effects linked with its use is its ability to offer cardiovascular security.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011 reveals that heart disease is the top cause of death in the United States.

In a Canadian study, it was revealed that consumption of wine on a daily basis was useful for reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease. It is worth remembering that this condition is a precursor to stroke and heart disease. The risk of death was also reduced by 30 percent through the use of this powerful therapeutic ingredient.

In addition to improving cardiovascular health protection, this natural remedy could also safeguard eyesight. This is suggested by the study conducted by Missouri researchers. These investigators found that resveratrol could fight the onset of this condition.

Resveratrol was able to safeguard eyesight by regulating angiogenesis. This has been found to be significantly helpful for preventing abnormal blood vessel growth that is damaging to the eyesight.

Individuals who want to improve their cognitive performance may consider the use of this natural remedy. According to some experts, resveratrol could potentially increase the blood flow to the brain.

In the United Kingdom, a team of researchers conducted a study and it involved 22 healthy adults. The investigators revealed that resveratrol consumption led to an increase in neurological blood flow.

In a previous study conducted by Illinois researchers, it was found that resveratrol supplementation led to better memory function and increased mental performance. These are just some of the benefits that resveratrol could potentially offer.

Further, this powerful antioxidant has also been found to boost testosterone levels. In a study, the investigators found that resveratrol improved blood testosterone concentration by over 50 percent.

Resveratrol could be useful for preventive health purposes. It is a therapeutic ingredient that is being widely studied by experts.

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