Carrollwood Flooring Store Offering New Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

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( — March 11, 2018) — Spring is here in Florida and that means many homeowners are gearing up to install new floors and tackle other home renovations. Whether they want to replace bathroom tiles or lay down new carpeting, there are many options to choose from. In today’s internet-driven world, there are hundreds to thousands of flooring options available on the market with Carrollwood flooring company, World of Floors.

Carrollwood Flooring Store

World of Floors, has seen an explosion in demand for vinyl plank flooring in the Carrollwood and Tampa Florida residential home market. Homeowners who are looking into spring home floor renovations or floor replacement options should call or come into one of the two Tampa area locations to look at the options for this new type of flooring that is gaining massive popularity with homeowners looking to replace their existing carpet, wood, laminate or tile floors.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Features and Benefits

Vinyl flooring and vinyl plank flooring is essentially vinyl composition tile (VCT) and is a type of flooring made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Benefits of using vinyl flooring are: Waterproof / Water Resistant, Scuff resistant, Stain resistant, Scratch resistant and it can be engineered with color and texture made to look like woods and tiles.

Below are some considerations that can help homeowners cut through the clutter while deciding on what kind of floor to install in their homes.

Tile Flooring

Tile floors have a long history dating back as early as the ancient Greeks, who arranged tiles to form mosaics. Customers seeking to purchase tile flooring for their own modern home have four basic types to choose from: Ceramic, Quarry, Stone and Vinyl.

With proper care and placement, natural stone lends a timeless, traditional, and natural look to homes and is available in different degrees of smooth or slip-resistant surfaces.

Vinyl tiles are a newer, synthetic flooring option that are cheap and quickly installed. Any kind of image can be printed on its surface with impressive detail but can look artificial close-up. They last best in dry environments and moderate temperature.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors are classic. When the European settlers build homes in North America, they commonly used hardwood floors because of the abundance of timber in their environment. This was a rare luxury for the colonists—in Europe, only the wealthy could afford wooden floors.

Today, hardwood floors remain popular. There is beauty in their simplicity, and they compliment traditional and contemporary interior designs equally well. Hardwood floors can last a long time and they’re easy to clean. They’re simple, reliable and sleek, making them a sound investment for homeowners from diverse house designs.

There are two kinds of wood flooring types available, solid wood and engineered wood.

Carpet Flooring

The oldest known surviving carpet was discovered in Siberia and dates back to fourth or fifth century BC, so carpet has been around for a very long time. Carpet making in the United States dates back to the 1790s and the industry continued to experience innovation. After World War II, the popularity of carpet soared as more and more homes were built during the post-war economy boom.

Today, homeowners have so many options to choose from that they may find themselves overwhelmed in deciding which carpets are best for their homes. In addition to the carpet’s appearance, buyers should consider the density and fibers.

Once homeowners have chosen their desired combination of pile and fibers, they can choose the style that best fits the needs of their home.

Spring Special: World of Floors is offering a free pad upgrade for a limited time only to all Carrollwood and Tampa area customers who purchase their carpeting from World of Floors. Just mention this special when you call or come into one of the two Tampa area locations.

Types of Laminate Flooring Types

Laminate flooring is a modern synthetic creation that is often used to simulate the look of traditional hardwood floors, stone or ceramics. Detailed photographs of genuine building material can be printed and placed beneath the clear top layer of the laminate floor. Laminate is a cheaper alternative to hardwoods and tiles. Like vinyl flooring, the photographic layers can look artificial closer-up, and laminate is harder to repair. Like with engineered hardwood floors, interlocking laminate floors are also available.

Flooring Solutions and Flooring Installation Services

World of Floors has been installing and selling quality flooring and carpets in homes and businesses since 2007. We pride ourselves on our commitment to competitive pricing and the highest standard of 5-star quality installation and service.

Friendly store and knowledgeable flooring representatives at World of Floors are ready to help Carrollwood, Tampa and Brandon area customers and answer any remaining questions about their flooring options. World of Floors offers complimentary consultations and estimates to help clients match their floors with the rest of their home and will even come to make on-site measurements to ensure an accurate flooring estimate is provided with no surprises. World of Floors flooring experts ensure that customers with allergies are matched with floors that are most friendly to their health.

In addition to offering thousands of flooring options among all flooring types, World of Floors is known for its 5-star rated flooring installation service and interior design consulting services.

“Some flooring options may not be in the showroom,” said Frank Schultz of World of Floors. “There’s just too many to fit into the space available! But if a customer wants a flooring type or option that isn’t in the our showroom, we will can definitely get the any desired flooring product in for them.”

Whatever your flooring needs may be, World of Floors Florida has a “World of Floors” to choose from and 5-star rated flooring representatives and installation experts on hand to make your next flooring project simple and convenient so you can enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of new quality flooring in your Florida home. For driving directions to their Tampa/Carrollwood area location, click here.