Service Dog Lightweight Water Resistant Reflective Cape Vest Launched in Large Size

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( — March 14, 2018) — Leashboss, a dog training products company, recently launched a new product line of service dog vests. The large model is now available, joining the extra large model that was previously released.

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Service dogs are trained to do work or perform tasks for their handler. A service dog vest, while not required by law, informs the public that the dog is a working dog, and not a pet, as service dogs are allowed in areas with pet restrictions.

Leashboss has expanded their service dog product line by launching this new collection of service dog vests for dogs of all sizes. The large model is suitable for dogs of all breeds from 28 inches to 33 inches in girth.

The vest is available in an olive green color, which gives it a tactical appearance while maintaining a professional look, and features lightweight, durable, water resistant vest material. In addition, the vest features reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions.

The vest has adjustable straps to allow for a custom fitting and comes with removable “Service Dog” patches which can be replaced with similar sized patches that Leashboss also offers.

A spokesperson for Leashboss explains, “We started our service dog product line after we heard from a number of customers buying our short leashes. They told us that they work well for their service dogs and were recommending them to other service dog handlers. We researched what was available and found a need for well made identification such as service dog tags and patches. From there, we saw a need for simple, lightweight cape style vests. As with all our products, we designed the vest for style and function.”

Leashboss designs unique, high quality, durable dog training and lifestyle products particularly for strong, pulling dogs. The company offers products that combine design with functionality. The service dog vest product line continues this tradition and joins the other lines of short leashes, long training leashes, two handle training leashes, two dog leashes and couplers, harnesses, car restraints and service dog patches.

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