Muskego Milwaukee CAM Technologies Updates Custom Metal Cutting Services

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( — March 15, 2018) — CAM Technologies, a company based in Muskego, Wisconsin, announced an updated range of wire EDM services for clients in Muskego, Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. The company uses high-precision EDM wire technology to provide variety of metal cutting services, including medical devices and instrumentation, aerospace and automotive components, carbide components, replacement parts and various others.

The company has been serving clients in the Milwaukee area for more than 22 years, having established a reputation as one of the leading providers of custom metal molding and precision cutting services in Wisconsin.

CAM Technologies has eleven high-speed wire EDMs and two EDM micro-hole drilling stations to provide a wide range of services for clients looking for professional wire erosion services.

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EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) technology is a metal processing technology based on electrical erosion. Due to its high precision and material cutting power, it is particularly useful for difficult materials or for projects with intricate contours or odd-shaped angles.

The Muskego company offers custom spark machining services for a diverse range of custom projects, including medical device and instrumentation development, compound stamping dies, punch and button cutting, component molding, prototype development and others. CAM Technologies uses state-of-the-art EDM machinery capable of cutting both hard and soft conductive materials.

The recent service update is part of the company’s efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions for clients in Muskego, Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Remaining small allows us to work very closely with our customers, providing quick turnaround while maintaining a high standard of quality. However, we are large enough to tackle large production and contract jobs. We take pride in aiding our customers through every phase of the project – from prototyping to production runs.”

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