Jazz Music Pianist Composer Mark Kramer Launches Extensive Jazz Platform Online

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(Newswire.net — March 15, 2018) — Jazz music pianist, composer and Jazz Metamodernist, internationally acclaimed Mark Kramer, a leader with album recordings on Telarc / Concord, Warner, and Lightyear has launched The Complete Mark Kramer – https://mark-kramer.com – the comprehensive website and online platform that amasses and unveils Mr. Kramer’s complete and noteworthy contributions to the field of jazz music. The new platform is designed for jazz music fans and jazz musicians and goes way beyond showcasing his music, trio and ensembles. The new platform provides access to all of Kramer’s released and previously unreleased past recordings, as well as his current works – including 400 of his audiophile recorded tracks. For those who make music – jazz musicians, jazz improvisors, jazz educators and music students – there are hundreds of downloadable documents with note-for-note transcription of his improvised melodic lines-voicings-harmonies, and complete musical scores of reharmonizations and musical arrangements that Kramer authored for available recordings and new videos. A dynamic blog integrates a veritable roadmap for mastery and success as a musical artist, recording and the music business – with tips and tricks for jazz piano / trio playing, a blueprint for audio engineering and studio construction, bolstered by Kramer’s extensive experience and expertise and the business of jazz. For more information and to access the many free offerings for those who visit and opt-in, go to http://mark-kramer.com.

Jazz pianist Mark Kramer is an enduring Philadelphia jazz piano icon, leader of the Mark Kramer Trio and co-leader of Mark Kramer-Eddie Gomez Groups and Productions. Mark is reviewed as a stunning, technically gifted, and emotionally stirring artist. He is credited with producing and engineering more than 30 jazz trio CDs, several for major labels, and for recording and touring with acclaimed collaborators such as jazz bassists Eddie Gomez, Charles Fambrough, and jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno. For the majority of his career, Mark had been rightly typecast as one of a handful of jazz pianists worldwide who authentically and effectively built upon jazz pianist Bill Evans’ noteworthy contributions to jazz piano and small ensembles. More recently Mark has decided to reveal and flex his own brand of melodic invention, heart and its combination – on steroids – with free jazz polyrhythms, collective group spirit, and his own harmonic system. What is even more unique about Kramer is that his long list of accomplishments as a jazz artist have been amassed while he was a high profile medical researcher, invited to Nobel Hall to lecture, and seamlessly raising a family. For the past several years, Kramer voluntarily lightened his performance and production schedule to care for his gravely ill wife, his lifelong partner, who passed in 2017. Mark is just now returning to work – releasing and promoting his recordings including “Art of Music” with Eddie Gomez, authoring future productions, and returning to a full performance schedule in 2018.

Scott Yanow, jazz journalist described Mark Kramer as “Nothing short of brilliant, often closer to miraculous”.

For more information about jazz music pianist, composer, jazz metamodernist Mark Kramer, his musical ensembles, photos, videos, bio, reviews, all of the downloadable recordings and scores, his new CD Coitus Unreservatus and all of his recordings, visit www.mark-kramer.com.