Estrogen Dominance may be Limiting Fat Loss in the Body

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( — March 22, 2018) Orlando, FL — Weight gain is one of the most common problems that affects millions of people nowadays. There are various factors that hinder people from shedding the extra pounds from their bodies, and one involves hormones.

Estrogen dominance may be limiting fat loss in the body. Estrogen dominance is a common problem among women. It has been found to lead to a variety of undesirable health consequences.

According to some experts, estrogen pertains to a group of hormones that works by maintaining the growth and function of the uterus. This allows sex organs to turn adult-sized and get the uterine lining ready to accept an egg.

It is further worth mentioning that estrogen can have some effects on the skeletal growth, fat, skin, and protein deposition. It has been found that estrogen dominance could potentially lead to slow metabolism, mood swings, fatigue, uterine cancers, weight gain, water retention, PMS, and excess abdominal body fat.

Xenoestrogens, which pertain to foreign estrogens, contribute to estrogen dominance. They can be found in fuels, drugs, plastics, and pesticides. One of the things people should know about xenoestrogens is that they are hard for the human body to break down. Avoiding xenoestrogens is one of the best ways to avoid or fight estrogen dominance.

Using DIM may also be helpful for fighting estrogen dominance and promoting fat loss. The ability of DIM to fight estrogen dominance has been widely studied by researchers and clinicians.

DIM has further been found to promote weight loss in the study participants who have become resistant to weight loss from low carbohydrate dieting. In some studies, it was found that DIM was able to increase lipolysis or fat burning, and has been linked with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Today, obesity has been considered an epidemic in various areas around the globe. This condition has been found to trigger the onset of many diseases and disorders. This is exactly why it is essential to shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

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