Zone Ten Offering Top-Notch Amazon and E-commerce Product Photos

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( — March 15, 2018) St. Louis, MO — The online marketplace is beyond crowded with products that have similar specifications that are all attempting to undercut their competitors’ prices. Consumers don’t have the ability to hold products in their hands and get a feel for them, so Zone Ten Studio offers product photography. It has become one of the most effective methods sellers can use to separate their offerings from others. Buyers will often pay more for an item that appears more sleek or has a color scheme that matches their intended aesthetic. Even for the most mundane products, diverse angles and flattering lighting can heighten their appeal to the most discerning eye if done correctly.

There is perhaps no place on the web where product photography is more important than, and Zone Ten photography studio hopes to help their clients stand out from the sea of products sold on the world’s most popular e-commerce site. Zone Ten uses expert visual enhancement to capture the best angles against the least obtrusive backgrounds. It is a practice that sounds simple on paper but requires an in-depth understanding of lighting and exposure that only comes from experience. Further, each photo must satisfy Amazon’s requirements for photo quality, which are predictably strict compared to other e-commerce sites. Without professional product photography, sellers run the risk of falling into the thousands of products that fail to catch buyer’s eyes as they scroll through Amazon’s listings.

Zone Ten is a one-man studio run by Brian, a professional who specializes in product photography. The company has operated in the St. Louis area for over two decades and has expanded to include any area that consumers can ship their products from. After his clients have accepted their quotes and sent their products to be photographed, production takes no more than ten business days from the receipt of products.

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