The Latest Technology in Freight Shipping

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( — March 17, 2018) — Technology is encroaching on everyone’s lives, but this is gradually being accepted as being for the better and this also applies to freight shipping. Advancements in technology such as IoT and TMS has made transporting goods globally more efficient, allowing them to deliver large goods effectively within a significantly shorter time frame. Within this piece we will be looking at the latest technological advancements and the way they are affecting freight shipping as an organisation.


Technology has helped transform the freight shipping industry by supplying effective travel management solutions to maximise business productivity as a whole. TMS allows you to keep track of where all vehicles at different times within the day. This is important to running a successful business because it means that every delivery and shipment is accounted for. This is particularly important when importing from China and other long distance locations, as deliveries will need to be checked in more than once. Keeping records of where all deliveries and imports are, allows you to keep a close eye on every company you are working with, their individual specifications and an overview of the status of your shipments. IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is vital to running a freight shipping company and is the basic principle that anything that can be connected to the internet. This is beneficial to freight shipping as it can offer a broad number of ways to help improve overall business efficiency. Firstly, IoT technology can provide lorries with live traffic updates in order to avoid congestion, guaranteeing they will be re-routed to the fastest route. In addition to this, it will also allow drivers to locate their next deliveries as well as instantly updating delivery notes on site. This is effective as it dramatically reduces the amount of paper carried either with the vehicles or filing at the office, helping to reduce waste and improve business processes. This is particularly beneficial for larger businesses because it eliminates the possibility of important documents being misplaced, as well as losing delivery notes with no backups. Another positive aspect to this system is that every aspect of the day is tracked, ensuring that everything is accounted for when receiving and transporting shipments.      

Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery is benefitting freight shipping for the better as it is pushing each aspect of the delivery to be faster and better than ever. This technology has the potential to change freight shipping substantially, because it is promising that each delivery will be better than the next. This technology is going to greatly benefit freight shipping as it encourages companies to push for better customer service and increased shipment and delivery.

Self-Driving Trucks

Although this technology is still in the development stages it is key to note that it has potential to change freight shipping entirely. With testing for this already in its final stages, it is only a matter of time before the dream of self-driving vehicles becomes a reality. However due to this technology being unreliable and having a potentially high risk, there will be a substantial amount of time before this technology begins to fully integrate its way into freight shipping.  

The above technological advancements when implemented effectively, are key to ensuring that the freight shipping industry is improving for the better, allowing the potential to send and receive more shipments than ever before.