Engineer Warned Miami Bridge Would Collapse, but No One Listens

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(— March 18, 2018) —
Six people died in pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami, outside International Florida University, Thursday, only days after it was built.

There is an investigation undergoing on the possible reasons, however, information has leaked that a construction engineer warned of a possible construction mishap, the CNN reports.

The bridge was built a week ago in only six hours by a relatively new but popular method. The method is called “accelerated bridge construction”, and was created at the International University of Florida in early 2010.

The fast bridge construction is based on concrete blocks for fast assembly, with different sizes and shapes. The most common shape is arch blocks, but the IUM Bridge ought to be the most simple block lining for pedestrians to cross over a busy highway. The bridge was built within six hours.

Florida Traffic Department officials state the engineer left a voicemail two days before the demolition of the bridge in Miami, warning of a fracture at one end of the pedestrian concrete bridge weighing 950 tons.

No one, however, listened to that message. The official said that the voicemail was heard only after the collapse, because the workers, according to the contract, were out of the office when the message was left.

The authorities in Florida announced on Friday, the day after the demolition of the bridge, that after the “stress test” there were some loose hanging cables but no one paid much attention to it.

In this accident, at least six people lost their lives, and teams were carefully tearing down the ruins, because it was believed that there were more victims beneath the debris.

Senator Marko Rubio said on Twitter that the construction company that was engaged had ordered that the cables, which were lost due to the test, tightened, after which the bridge collapsed.

According to eyewitnesses, the vehicles stopped at a traffic light yesterday in the early afternoon, when the bridge over them began to collapse.

It is said that the value of the bridge is $ 14.2 million, linking Svitvoter with the campus of the International University of Miami, and officially to be opened next year.