Best Shoes for Low Back Pain

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( — March 19, 2018) Darien, CT — Chances are at some point in your lifetime you will experience lower back pain. You probably will reach for a few Advil or Aleve and hope the back pain is gone before you get up. If the pain in your back persists, you may question the need for a new mattress. Some may even think that their shoes may be the source of the pain. If this is your story, I encourage you to read on. We are going to discuss how your feet can affect your back leading to that all too familiar achy back.

There is a chance that a particular shoe can contribute to back pain. If you find yourself in extremely high heels or sandals, it is easy to tell you that your shoes are probably a significant factor in your painful episode. One is too much while the other is way too little in terms of support. Make those feet unhappy and there is a good chance that after a while, your back will not be happy either. They may look good on your feet but they are not good for you. My advice if you are having back pain is to avoid them.

The best shoes for a bad back are the ones that provide support. When you are young, you can get away with wearing just about anything on your feet. As life catches up with you, and it will, the arch starts to break down mechanically. This is about the same time in life when the weight seems to pack on and you have difficulty losing the weight. The weight combined with age puts pressure on the arch. The arch gets corrupted and starts to break down. My suggestion is to find a shoe that offers plenty of arch support. If you insist on buying online, you lose the ability to get properly fitted. Poorly fitted shoes will hurt and can further erode the arch’s integrity. You also cannot tell from a picture online if a shoe provides adequate support.

If you want to buy shoes, go to a store where you can be fitted and try them on. Looks be damned. A good arch will support your knees, hips and lower back. it is essential for you to have the support you need if you want to avoid not only back pain but knee and hip pain as well. Even if a good pair of shoes does not stop your back from hurting your knees, hips and low back will benefit from the added support. My advice would then be to turn to a chiropractor and get your back checked out.

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