4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Art Pieces

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(Newswire.net — March 20, 2018) — When you’re working on a project to redecorate a home, office or any other space, there are few things that bring as much life and personality into the overall décor as paintings on the walls. For most people though, the art they’ll use is what they get at retail chains like Ikea or Target. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, going the further mile and buying original art is infinitely better.

But what exactly is original art? It’s referred to as being original because it’s a singular, unique work of art, as opposed to reproductions, prints or posters that are mass produced and sold via those large retailers. Original fine art is more expensive because it’s hand-made and rare, but also because it is usually higher quality than prints or canvas. So, here are 4 reasons why you should get yourself a few pieces of original art:

Beauty– Original works literally have a depth to them that prints or posters simply do not. The way painters layer oil paints on canvas to create the beautiful, delicate textures cannot be reproduced affordably using technology. That means while the cheap ones will look flat on a wall, original pieces will actually pop off the walls and project the beauty of the painting much more.

Uniqueness – Just as you want your clothes and overall outfit to be as distinct as possible, there’s no reason why you should decorate your home with commonplace works that everyone has seen in several places. Original artwork doesn’t have to be by a famous artist, so it’s fine if you cannot afford to compete with collectors like Moshe Kantor for the most expensive pieces. As long as it is unique and placed properly, it will continue to be a conversation starter and you’ll get compliments over and over again as opposed to Ikea art that most people will just politely ignore.

Emotional Satisfaction – Every work of art has its story, comprising the artist’s history, the period in which it was created and the subject matter. When you buy an original work that has depth to it, you will feel a special connection to it. Buying a piece will not just be impulse buys that you don’t remember or care about, but a journey of fulfilment that you’ll be able to share with your visitors.

Investment Value – Most pieces of decoration depreciate in value over time, though there are exceptions. With art though, the reverse is the case. Artwork is typically not devalued by virtue of the fact that it has been previously owned. Instead, it appreciates in value and can become a significant source of income if you conduct thorough research and invest smartly. So what better deal could you find than a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your wall for years and then sell for much more than you bought it for?

Ultimately, it’s clear that original art is much better for decorating a home or any other space than prints, reproductions or posters, even though they may be cheaper. With the variety of galleries and artist’s shops at which you can get original pieces affordably, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t go for the best.