Recent Studies Have Revealed Men Are Prone to Lung Conditions

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( — March 27, 2018) Orlando, FL — More and more studies are trying to investigate the ways to take better care of the lungs. In addition to avoiding cigarette smoke, there is a myriad of health techniques that could better protect this essential bodily organ.

According to some experts, quite a number of respiratory ailments often begin with a smoker’s cough. Eventually, the cough starts turning into life-threatening conditions. This includes emphysema or COPD and lung cancer.

Experts continue to warn men against the effects of these lung problems as they significantly interfere with the body’s ability to breathe.

The American Lung Association even discovered that every year, more and more men are diagnosed with lung cancer than in past years.

The health organization also strengthens their warning to African-American men. This racial group has been found to be at an increased risk of death due to lung cancer than other ethnic groups.

Exposure to asbestos, which is considered an occupational hazard, increases the risk of lung cancer. There are many ways to protect the lungs and make sure they become less susceptible to diseases.

According to some health care providers, one way to do this is to simply nourish the body with nutrients. Not many people are aware that there are certain vitamins particularly beneficial for the lungs.

In some evidence, it was suggested that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can keep the lungs healthy. Some of these nutrients are vitamins A, B6, C, D and E.

Research found that vitamin A is needed in maintaining healthy lungs. This vitamin also helps the lungs function as they should. Vitamin A can be found in sweet potato, spinach and carrots.

There are many medications and surgeries available for those who are already struggling with lung conditions. However, it has long been known that the most important thing to do is prevent their onset.

Certain vitamins and minerals have been discovered to be helpful in reducing the risk of lung cancer. There are those that aid in protecting the DNA from damage and mutation, which helps reduce cancer risk.

The Journal of the American Medical Association even revealed that individuals with high levels of vitamin B6 and methionine amino acid appear to have a reduced risk of lung cancer.

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