Cutout Pics Ionut Macovei Launches Digital Marketing Site Engagement Tool

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( — March 26, 2018) — Ionut Macovei has announced the launch of Cutout Pics, a new digital marketing tool helping business owners to transform their web presence with high quality images. These days, visitors don’t just want to see a site, they want to experience it, and this is where Cutout Pics can help.

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The site explains that, through harnessing the power of images using Cutout Pics, site owners are able to grab the attention of visitors more easily. This ensures that they are able to engage with their audience in new ways, attract more customers, and ultimately increase sales.

When using high quality images, businesses are able to add value to their products and services. There are limitless possible combinations when using Cutout Pics, which gives business owners 700+ fresh high quality no background people images for posts, videos and more.

The images can be used across social media, on articles, in marketing campaigns and in ebooks. It can help to lend legitimacy to products, allowing them to gain more engagement from their prospects and customers.

Research shows that Facebook alone now stores over 220 billion images, which highlights just how much people love pictures. What’s more, it’s not just social media where this love of images is seen. There are increasing amounts of pictures all over the internet, including news sites, shops and more.

The web has become an image centric medium, and it’s hugely important for site owners to harness the power of images if they want to achieve success in a competitive market.

The latest statistics show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Further, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, while texts with images get 94% more total views.

Visual appeal is very important, and Cutout Pics can help to create the best, most effective images. While many site owners are happy to pick any random image and use that, it’s crucial to use the best, most well designed images available.

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