Experts Reveal the World Is Running out of Effective Antibiotics

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( — April 2, 2018) Orlando, FL — Antibiotics are typically resorted to by individuals who suffer from certain infections. This medication may be helpful, but it causes side effects. Plus, it is not actually guaranteed to work for fighting certain types of infections.

Experts reveal the world is running out of effective antibiotics. Every year, superbugs, or viral bacterial infections that are resistant to common antibiotics, have been found to affect over two million people in the United States alone.

It has further been found that superbugs kill a minimum of 38,000 individuals. The list of antibiotics-resistant bacteria continues to grow. Thus, this has led many researchers to extraordinarily exert efforts in preventing the spread of infection from one patient to another.

Despite these efforts, there is still more resistance to these drugs from superbugs, which can be dangerous and even fatal. It has even been quite difficult to produce a newer class of drugs to address this global problem. Superbugs have been found to thrive in individuals taking antibiotics.

According to Dr. Fleming who received a Nobel Prize, there is a danger in under dosing antibiotics. By doing so, the body’s microbes are exposed to non-lethal quantities of the medication, which can eventually make them resistant.

It is worth mentioning that resistance often happens naturally, and bacteria have a variety of mechanisms to survive.

According to research, the use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections contributes largely to the high prevalence of antibiotic resistance cases globally. Urinary tract infections are highly common, and they typically affect women.

UTIs can be treated by antibiotics, but it doesn’t mean they won’t ever come back. They can recur and still produce undesirable symptoms like pain and frequent urination. There are those who avoid the adverse effects of antibiotics by simply turning to the use of some natural remedies.

One is D-Mannose, which has been widely used to be a safer alternative to antibiotics. This sugar can be found in cranberry juice, which is widely consumed by individuals with UTIs.

D-Mannose works naturally to fight the infection by simply binding with the UTI-causing E.coli bacteria before eliminating them from the body. It doesn’t cause side effects, and its use has even been linked with a variety of therapeutic benefits.

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